IZC 32300

Induktions-Kochfeld 30 cm

REF. 112510001
EAN. 8434778000955



Perfect for your slow-cooked recipes. If you love stews and soups, this is the right program for you.

Keep your recipes warm until you serve them on the table. Nobody likes cold food, don’t you think?

You can melt butter, chocolate or sugar with no fear of burning them.

VarioPro Series

With the VarioPro Series you can choose a setting according to your needs. The collection has different elements, which can be combined and use to create a unique kitchen. You can choose between induction hobs, gas, integrated extractor hood, Teppanyaki, or Wok so you don’t have to give up any type of cooking you like.


Independent and direct control of each part of the hob to reach a higher precision level. Slide your finger or press the power you need. You will never be wrong with your recipes thanks to the new touch control slider.
  • 30 cm Breite
  • Schott Ceran Crystal Glas
  • Sensorbedienung "Touch Control"
  • individueller Timer für jede Kochzone
  • 2 Kochzonen
  • -1 Induktions-Kochzone Ø 210 mm
  • -1 Induktions-Kochzone Ø 145 mm
  • Funktionen mit Direktanwahl: Siedestufe 98°C, Warmhaltestufe 60°C und Schmelzfunktion 48°C
  • Power+ Stufe für jede Kochzone
  • Topferkennung
  • Kochfeldoptimierung
  • Restwärmeanzeige


  • Produkthöhe (mm): 55
  • Produktbreite (mm): 300
  • Produkttiefe (mm): 510
  • Gewicht (kg): 6,16
Technische Maßzeichnung

Besondere Merkmale

  • Powerstufe: Ja


  • Frequenz (Hz): 50/60
  • Volt (V): 220-240
  • Kabelanschlusslänge (cm): 110


  • Sicherheitsblockierung: Ja

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VarioPro Series

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