Filtro De Carbón Activo D4C

Active charcoal filters for range hoods D4C

REF. 61801262
EAN. 8421152070192
Select a colour: Black
  • Filters suitable for use in recirculating range hoods
  • Available for decorative range hoods and most of standard models
  • MODELS HOODS: DM, DEP, DBP, CMB1, DBH, DCB, DBB, DVE, DVT 60/70/90, DVT 950/650, DVT 980/780/680, DVL 90, DMR 90, DSB, DJE, DJ 980/680, DJ 950/750/650, DPS, DH2, DH 980/780/680, DHB, DH 1180/980/780/680 T, DPE 90, DPL 90, DGE, NCE, DG3, NC2, DG 950/750/650, NC 950/750/650, DF 90, DHC 90, DQ2 90, DU 90, DSB ISLA, DH2 90 ISLA, DH2 120 ISLA, DPL 110 ISLA, CC-40, DG3 Isla, DPL 90, DHI 90, GFT, GFT-800
America Europe Asia and Middle East Africa Oceania Worldwide
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