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JZC 94313 CB

Gas + Induction hob with Direct Functions and 4 cooking zones in 90cm of butane gas

REF. 112570162
EAN. 8434778017663
Select a colour: Black Glass
Black Glass
  • Front control knobs with ergonomic design
  • Ceramic glass surface
  • Automatic-ignition in every burner, activated through control knobs
  • Touch Control MultiSlider Induction control panel



Perfect for your slow-cooked recipes. If you love stews and soups, this is the right program for you.

Keep your recipes warm until you serve them on the table. Nobody likes cold food, don’t you think?

You can melt butter, chocolate or sugar with no fear of burning them.

Hybrid hobs

No hay por qué renunciar a la tecnología si quieres disfrutar de la cocina tradicional. Disfruta de la rapidez de la inducción o la tradición del gas en una misma placa, con los dos sistemas trabajando de forma conjunta. Flexibilidad total a tu servicio.
Hybrid hobs


Independent and direct control of each part of the hob to reach a higher precision level. Slide your finger or press the power you need. You will never be wrong with your recipes thanks to the new touch control slider.


Trying to guess the power of the flame is just part of the past. With ExactFlame you can easily control the flame intensity with the highest precision. You can choose a range of power from 1 to 9, ready for any kind of cooking you need at any time.

Cast iron grids

Cast iron grids with curves designed to slide every pan from one burner to another with complete freedom. Higher independence to work in any cooking area.


You don't need a lighter to generate the spark, the AutoIgnition technology, will generate it automatically. Turn the knob and the flame will show up.
  • Urban Colors Edition
  • Gas on glass + Induction hob
  • ExactFlame
  • Frontal control knobs + Touch Control MultiSlider
  • 4 cooking zones
  • 1 double ring burner, 4.00 kW
  • 1 zone Ø 180/280 mm
  • 1 zone Ø 180 mm
  • 1 zone Ø 145 mm
  • Ceramic glass surface
  • Auto ignition
  • Auto-lock safety system
  • Cast iron grids
  • Indution:
  • Cooking timer
  • Power plus
  • Child lock
  • Residual heat indicator
  • Power management
  • Easy installation kit
  • Maximum nominal power(Gas) 4000 W
  • Maximum nominal power(Induction) 7200 W
  • Wok support included
  • Silver knobs accessory available

General measures

  • Product height (mm): 98
  • Product width (mm): 900
  • Product depth (mm): 510
  • Net weight (Kg): 16,4
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Fitting measures

  • Built-in Width (mm): 860
  • Built-in Depth (mm): 490
  • Built-in height (mm): 49

Particular characterisitics

  • Gas type: Natural
  • Maximum nominal power (W) (Gas): 5000
  • Autoignition: Yes
  • Number of electric power levels: 9
  • Power management function: Yes

Electric connection

  • Maximum Nominal Power (W): 7200
  • Frequency (Hz): 50/60
  • Power rate (V): 220-240
  • Cable Connection Length (cm): 110
  • Maximum Nominal Power (W) (Electric hob): 7200

Cooking zones

  • Cooking Zones: 4
  • Energy consumption for the whole hob, Wh/Kg: 177,6

Security system

  • Automatic safety disconnection (Auto Lock) (Gas): Yes
  • Residual heat indicator (Electric hob): Yes
  • Automatic safety disconnection (Auto Lock) (Electric hob): Yes
  • Child lock: Yes


  • Surface finishing: Front bevelled glass
  • Surface type: Ceramic Glass (4mm)
  • Easy installation system: Yes


  • Grid type: Individual Grid
  • Wok support: NO
  • Junction Kit: Optional
  • Cast Iron Grids: Yes
  • Teppan Yaki: No
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