Gas hob LPG gas burners 5 Cooking zone in 90 cm.

REF. 40219045
EAN. 8421152113448
Select a colour: Black
  • Gas typology: LPG
  • 90 cm gas hob
  • Triplering burner
  • Cast iron grids
  • Silver frontal knobs
  • Auto–ignition and Auto-lock safety device

Cast iron grids

Cast iron grids with curve designed to slide every pan from one burner to another with complete freedom. Higher independence to work in any cooking area.


You don't need a lighter to generate the spark, the AutoIgnition technology, will generate it automatically. Turn the knob and the flame will show up.

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  • Gas typology: LPG 90 cm gas hob
  • Triple ring burner
  • Cast iron grids
  • Metallic frontal knobs
  • Auto–ignition
  • Auto–lock safety device
  • High Efficiency burners.
  • 5 cooking zones:
  • – 1 triple ring burner (3.80 kW)
  • – 1 fast burner (2.8 kW )
  • – 1 semi–fast burner (1.75 kW) – 1 gas burner (1.40 kW) – 1 gas burner (1.00 kW) Total nominal power: 10.05 kW

General measures

  • Net weight (Kg): 11,5
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Particular characterisitics

  • Autoignition: Yes
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