Why using an oven as an air fryer is a good idea


January can be hard, you struggle to recover from the holidays, mainly, from all the expenses but also from all the extra weight you gain. And that’s why beginning the year by trying to adjust some routines and habits is a must. That’s when we dedicate a special chapter today to the concept of healthy frying that makes us so happy, thanks to the use of air fryer type appliances, like the use of an oven as an air fryer. But are the results so healthy and crispy without oil, and is it really worth getting an air fryer oven?

How the air fryer system works

Using the air inside the appliance, the heat is distributed evenly throughout an air fryer oven. This means you get crispy food with much healthier results by using minimal or no oil at all. In other words, it’s possible to make nuggets, great chicken wings, classic French fries, or even “wow” croquettes with an oven like the AirFry. And we would not talk like that about croquettes if we didn’t mean it, we swear with one hand on our chest and the other on top of a Martha Stewart recipe book.

Different colours veggies cooking in the oven

An accessory like the AirFry oven tray, the FryMaster Box, becomes an ally for several reasons. Thanks to the steel finish and non-stick surface, you will not mess around in the kitchen every time you crave breaded chicken or crispy vegetables for movie and blanket nights.

The taste of food

Does using an oven like the AirFry kill the taste of fried food? No, actually it enhances the flavour of food, as we have rarely known it in its crunchy version because it is not masked by the powerful flavour of oils like olive or sunflower. We love oil for its many qualities, but we are not big fans when it comes to frying. Remember the cost, especially nowadays, and the limited uses because it burns quickly and then… it’s no longer so healthy.

Fried nuggets in the oven tray of an AirFry Teka oven air fryer oven

Easy to use

Although we love coming up with recipes and sharing them with you, the truth is that using the oven as an air fryer is quite simple. You don’t need to mess around with tutorials: you can even put frozen food in it right away. The tray and the oven itself ensure that the air cooks each food equally, so you can make easy and delicious recipes in just minutes, knowing that you’ll get the results you want. The best part: models like the AirFry come ready to use, so you don’t even have to turn the food over. You’re welcome.

Crispy French fries inside an Airfry oven with air fryer oven function

Savings matters

These days, buying an oven means an improvement in energy consumption. Moreover, with a few tips, you can optimise its use even more. The point is that, if you want to make fried food using an oven that works like an air fryer, you can save oil while keeping your energy consumption low. In the case of the AirFry oven, the savings with an A+ category mean up to 20 % less on your energy bill compared to other conventional ovens of the same brand.

Large size

If we want to compare an oven with air fryer function versus an ordinary air fryer, the size of the fryer often limits us when it comes to cooking. If your intention is to cook for the whole family or more than a few portions, an oven’s capacity can reach up to 70 litres. In other words, an XXL oven to cook up to 30% more than a standard-sized oven.

Crispy nuggets one over the other with a bowl of sauce on a black background


Cleaning: oven vs. frying with oil

Every time we fry something, we have to clean the kitchen. First, it is difficult not to splash a large surface area with oil, not to mention that it burns, which makes us use the lid of our frying pans as Captain America’s shield every time we fry something. But the smell goes through everything. If you have a powerful hood, this last point doesn’t matter. But cooking in an air fryer-type oven will mean you can clean it in five minutes without giving up frying. Even better if the oven already has a self-cleaning system.

Fried avocado fingers on a black plate with a bowl of sauce

Oven versatility

Ovens have different cooking functions, which makes them very versatile appliances. Whether you want to make fried food without oil, salmon en papillote, bread, or even the sponge cake of the year, everything fits in the same space. What’s more, you will generally cook faster and cleaner than if you choose another type of cooking method.

If you decide to take the step this January towards a healthier kitchen and a healthier year without having to give up certain foods, an air fryer oven can be the best solution for the whole family. You will make the most of it in your everyday life, and that will save you time and money in the long run.


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