Zenit 1B rozsdamentes mosogatótálca

REF. 115000021
EAN. 8434778004687
  • Hagyományos, ráépíthető
  • 1 medence
  • 3½”lefolyócsomag dugóemelővel

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Kihúzható zuhanyfejjel felszerelt mosogató csaptelepeinkkel különféle pozícióban tisztíthatja meg eltérő méretű és formájú edényeit, valamint könnyen feltölthet vízzel egy nagyobb tároló edényt is.
Kihúzható zuhanyfejjel könnyebb az élet

RS15 Sinks offers a clean design that embodies modernity. The integrated manufacturing process stands for environmentally friendly and efficient production. All the product range comes with a lifetime warranty and the new SilentSmart system. In addition, the RS15 Collections sinks range is recognized by its flexible installation: undermount, top , flush, inset, or even lay on.

Zenit RS15 is not simply another collection of sinks. It is a food preparation area with ergonomic accessories perfect to cut, wash, cook, serve, and…enjoy! Its new square-shaped SQ valve combined with the attractive straight lines that bring personality and design to your kitchen.

Teka has developed an exclusive cooking set that includes 3 ceramic dishes of different sizes, suitable for ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers, that allows baking or serving meals directly to the table, thanks to its elegant bamboo chopping board. The set is complete with a set of silicone lids that allow you to preserve food and enjoy it later. In addition, the new square designed inox soap dispenser, the inox colander, and the popup waste that matches perfectly with Teka sink and helps you to get things well organized.

Is the kitchen sink one source of irritating noise that affects your family? Don't worry, The SilentSmart sinks feature a design with a low-noise component to make them extremely quiet. The sound-dampening pads are their best partner. They, together with their special distribution, are able to reduce noise when waterfalls during operation, ensuring your comfort and convenience all day.
  • Hagyományos, ráépíthető
  • 1 medence
  • 3½”lefolyócsomag dugóemelővel
  • 2 db csaptelep furattal
  • 200 mm mély medence
  • A sorközépen álló mosogatószekrény (modul) szélessége min. 60 cm
  • Tartozékok nélkül

Általános méretek

  • Szélesség (mm): 520
  • Mélység (mm): 200
  • Súly (kg): 4,7
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