IZF 6424

60 cm, 4 zone Full Flex inductie kookplaat met Multislider control

REF. 10210181
EAN. 8421152148556
Selecteer een kleur: Kristal Zwart
Kristal Zwart
  • 4 kookzones
  • 2 FlexiZone 235 x 395 mm
  • 3 speciale iCooking-functies: sudderen,
  • smelten en warm houden



Perfect for your slow-cooked recipes. If you love stews and soups, this is the right program for you.

Keep your recipes warm until you serve them on the table. Nobody likes cold food, don’t you think?

You can melt butter, chocolate or sugar with no fear of burning them.
Space induction

Space induction

Flex area is designed to use every single corner of the cooking area for different shape of pans. Perfect for grids, grill, TeppanYaki or rectangular recipients.
Space induction

Teka Flex

Are you preparing a complicated dish that requires the separate preparation of many ingredients? Teka Flex will save you a lot of time. Place pots of different diameters side by side and cook as you like. Warning! Dishes with the smallest diameter (9 and 10 cm) should always be placed in the zone with a larger diameter.
Teka Flex


Independent and direct control of each part of the hob to reach a higher precision level. Slide your finger or press the power you need. You will never be wrong with your recipes thanks to the new touch control slider.
  • Space-inductiekookplaat 60 cm
  • MultiSlider PRO bedieningspaneel
  • 2 FlexiZone 235 x 395 mm
  • Programmering van de bereidingstijd
  • Onafhankelijke instelling van elke kookzone
  • Power Plus-functie
  • 3 speciale iCooking-functies: sudderen,
  • smelten en warm houden
  • Stop&Go-functie
  • Panoptimalisatiesysteem
  • Vermogensbeheerfunctie
  • Mute-functie
  • Panherkenning
  • Kinderslot
  • Aanduiding restwarmte
  • 4 kookzones:
  • 4 Flex inductie 235 x 180 mm
  • Totaal nominaal vermogen: 7.400 W

Algemene metingen

  • Product hoogte (mm): 50
  • Productbreedte (mm): 600
  • Productdiepte (mm): 510
  • Gewicht van het product (Kgs): 10,66
Bekijk Technische tekening

Bijzondere kenmerken

  • Warm houden: Yes
  • Power functie: Yes

Elektrische verbinding

  • Frequentie (Hz): 50/60
  • Vermogen (V): 220-240
  • Lengte kabelaansluiting (cm): 110


  • Veiligheidsblokkering: Yes
  • Kinderslot: Yes
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