NFE 900 X


REF. 40659940
EAN. 8421152086209
选择颜色: Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
  • 内置制冰格
  • 快速冷藏和快速冷冻功能
  • 假期模式
  • 抗菌系统

Freshness in your food

LongLife No Frost technology will keep your food fresh for a longer time, thanks to independent recirculation circuits. You can keep the best moisture in your fridge with this system and also prevent ice and frost, so your food will remain fresh for a long time.
Freshness in your food

Feel the comfort of your home

Less consumption and more silence with the high efficiency A++ motor inverter. This engine produces less friction to reduce any noise and it is also more durable and environmentally friendly.
Feel the comfort of your home

New compartments in your refrigerator

Box Zero drawers keep Gourmet box at a lower temperature than the rest of the food inside the fridge. The best choice to keep meat and dish fresh for days.
New compartments in your refrigerator

Enjoy the real taste of fruit and vegetables

Taste the real flavour of fruit and vegetables thanks to VitalCare Box compartment with humidity control. Enjoy every piece of fruit and greens with all the vitamins and nutrients, our moisture control will take care of your food.
Enjoy the real taste of fruit and vegetables

Your refrigerator temperature always under control

TempGuard new refrigerators with sensors inside the fridge to control temperature, to keep your food in the best conditions.
Your refrigerator temperature always under control
  • 整机无霜四开门冰箱
  • 全触屏门上控制面板
  • 4星冷冻室
  • 4个抗菌系统
  • 旋转制冰格
  • 模糊逻辑温度控制系统
  • 假期模式
  • 0-3º 保鲜区
  • 3 个冷冻抽屉
  • 1个灵动变温区
  • 噪音等级 : 43 dBA
  • 总毛容量 : 610 升
  • 净容量 (冷藏室 ): 360 升
  • 净容量 (变温区 ): 25 升
  • 净容量 (冷冻室 ): 155 升
  • 电气输入 : 220-240V/50 Hz

General measures

  • Product height (mm): 1825
  • Product width (mm): 920
  • Product depth (mm): 765
  • Net weight (Kg): 124,789

Product sheet

  • No Frost In Refrigerator Compartment: Yes
  • No Frost in freezer compartment: Yes
  • Freezing capacity: 13,0
  • Chilling Compartment Capacity (litres): NA
  • Total gross capacity (litres): 610
  • Refrigerator compartment capacity (litres): 385
  • Annual Consumption (kWh/year): 455
  • Energy Efficiency Class: A+
  • Temperature Rise Time (h): 15
  • Freezer compartment capacity (litres): 155
  • Climate class: SN/T
  • Freezer classification: 4


  • Power rate (W): 200
  • Defrost element power (W): 190
  • Energy consumption (kw/day): 1,246
  • Power rate (V): 220-240

Particular characterisitics

  • Refrigerator adjustable shelves: Yes
  • Fast Cooling Function: Yes
  • Fast freezing: Yes
  • Inner light: Yes
  • Antibacterial treatment: YES
  • Number of bottles: NA
  • Adjustable feet front: Yes
  • Fingerprint proof door: Yes

Control indicator lights

  • Operating light fridge: Yes
  • Operating light freezer: Yes
  • Fast freezing indicator: Yes
  • Freezer compartment temperature display: Yes
  • Acoustic alarm: Yes


  • Vegetable drawers: 2
  • Safety glass shelves: Yes
  • Dairy covered compartment: Yes
  • Ice cubes tray: 2
  • Adjustable feet front: Yes

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