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REF. 40874441
EAN. 8421152131619
选择颜色: White
  • 纯羊毛标志(Woolmark)认证:专门用于洗涤纯羊毛衣物程序
  • TEKA独有柔顺护理滚筒
  • 最大脱水转速:1400转/分钟
  • 欧洲能效等级:A+++
  • 延时功能:1-24小时

Best results with maximum efficiency

You can plan when to wash your clothes with start delay, it doesn’t matter if you are or not at home, you can save energy and money doing your laundry with the best electricity rate.
Best results with maximum efficiency

Totally silent

You won’t hear it either, with a A +++ motor inverter so you can even wash your clothes at night, when many electricity plans are available to save money: nothing will interrupt your dream.
Totally silent

Take care of your clothes with the tenderness they deserve.

Woolmark certificate is an universal quality seal to demonstrate Teka Spa washers keep your clothes with most of the softness, even after many washings. Feel the freedom of washing your most delicate wool clothes.
Take care of your clothes with the tenderness they deserve.

SoftCare Drum

The innovating SoftCare design of the drum, made of dozens of small cubes, takes care of your clothes during washing, drying and spinning, keeping their texture and softness.
SoftCare Drum

Memorize your favorite program

Choose your favorite programs and create shortcuts with MYcycle system to access them quick and easily.
Memorize your favorite program
  • 独立式洗衣机
  • 洗衣容量:8Kg
  • 纯羊毛标志(Woolmark)认证
  • 16种洗衣程序
  • 电子控制面板
  • LCD显示
  • 最大脱水转速:1400转/分钟
  • 电子洗涤管理(模糊逻辑)
  • 专用洗涤程序: 羊毛洗,婴幼洗和15分钟快洗
  • 15分钟快洗程序
  • 直径32cm舷窗门
  • 功能按键:开/关,程序选择键,延时设定键,温度选择键,转速选择键和特殊功能选择键
  • 延时计时器:1-24小时
  • 平衡控制系统
  • 断电或者停水安全锁定系统
  • 泡沫控制系统
  • 欧洲能效等级:A+++/B

General measures

  • Product height (mm): 850
  • Product width (mm): 595
  • Product depth (mm): 565
  • Net weight (Kg): 66
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Product sheet

  • Water consumption (litres/year): 11000
  • Washing capacity (Kgs): 8
  • Energy Efficiency Class: A+++
  • Energy consumption (kWh/year): 196
  • Maximum spinning speed (RPM): 1400


  • Nominal power motor (W): 500
  • Power rate (V): 220-240
  • Maximum Nominal Power (W): 2000

Particular characterisitics

  • Child lock: Yes
  • Cancel spin cycle button: Yes
  • Stainless Steel Drum: Yes
  • Adjustable Feet Back: Yes
  • Adjustable feet front: Yes
  • Electronic washing management: Yes
  • Glass door diameter (cms): 32

Control indicator lights

  • Remaining time: Yes
  • Selected program indicator: Yes

Special functions

  • Delicate fabrics: Yes
  • Quick Wash: Yes
  • Delay timer function: Yes
  • Extra rinse: Yes


  • Adjustable feet front: Yes
  • Adjustable Feet Back: Yes

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