Slim water heaters


Electric water heaters available on the Teka website

Our electric water heaters have been conceived and designed to adapt to any room type and thus offer different installation options. The Slim models, with less depth, can easily be installed even inside a wardrobe and thus utilise the smallest of spaces in your home. Within Teka’s catalogue of electric water heaters, you will find different-capacity heaters with up to 100-litre tanks so that you can buy the one that best suits your needs. What’s more, the ultra-durable stainless-steel tanks on the Teka water heaters are coated in a special sapphire enamel which increases their durability.

Horizontally and vertically installed electric water heaters

When you buy a Teka water heater, you can choose from different installation options: vertically-installed heaters, horizontally-installed heaters and even heaters which allow for both forms of installation (vertical or horizontal) with a capacity of up to 80 litres.

Up to 100-litre electric water heaters

Teka’s water heaters are available in different capacities so that you can buy the one that best suits your needs. You can find vertically or horizontally-installed, 15-litre water heaters for those needing less capacity, 30-litre water heaters, 50 to 80-litre water heaters and up to 100-litre water heaters for those needing greater capacity.

What do I have to consider when choosing the capacity of a water heater?

When we buy an electric water heater and choose its capacity, we have to consider how we typically consume hot water. The more people living in a household, the greater the heater capacity we will need. We also have to consider consumption habits. This is to say that everyone using hot water at the same time is not the same as people using it at different times throughout the day. If hot water is mostly used at a specific time of the day, capacity needs to be larger.

What installation types are supported by Teka water heaters?

At Teka, you can find vertically or horizontally-installed water heater as well as ones that support both installation types.
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