How to clean your oven easily: DualClean cleaning system

1 July, 2019

Cleaning the oven is one of the most difficult tasks in the kitchen and not one of our favorite ones. If you can clean your oven after every meal, congratulations, you are a real hero. But even if we do it as a habit, the oven needs a deep cleaning after several uses to keep it in perfect conditions.

Oven cleaning products

Oven cleaners are usually very toxic, not only for people but also for the environment. You must read instructions before use and always use protection. Among other problems, oven cleaners may cause burns, irritations, and lung problems when inhaled. Degreasers and specific products must work for a short period of time and removed with a table cloth or sponge. Use also a specific product to clean the exterior of the oven.

Another choice is cleaning our oven with natural products. Vinegar, baking soda or lemon can be a few good choices to remove stubborn stains. These products will need hours for a better and real cleaning, sometimes even all night, but they are completely environmentally friendly compared with the usual oven cleaners.

In both cases, be sure you remove any rest of the product because we don’t want our food to taste funny. Remember to use non-aggressive cloths and scourers clean the enamel surface of the oven, or you will scratch the material.


The most recent oven models include one of the functions most demanded by consumers: self-cleaning. Thanks to appliances innovation, self-cleaning ovens are very common and there are many different affordable possibilities.


Pyrolysis is an important step forward for home appliances technology.  A system included in most of the modern ovens. Pyrolysis is a procedure where the oven reaches very high temperatures in a short period of time. This eliminates any rest of food and turns it into ashes, something you can easily remove with a cloth. You just have to push a button to make it work.

Pyrolysis also means less energetic consumption than we actually think, just choose the model and brand that suits your needs. For 0,5€ each time you have a pyrolytic cleaning in minutes in an oven with an A+ energy label.

You can use pyrolysis after 8 or even 12 weeks, depending on how much you use the oven and we can find different levels of intensity as well.


Hydroclean patented system helps you with your oven’s cleaning with steam. With a higher temperature than usual, the oven turns water into steam removing the dirt of the surface. Once again, with just one touch, we can keep our oven clean and remove any rest of food with a wet cloth.

If you are thinking about changing your oven, think also about what you really need at home and about your time, to choose an appliance that helps you to optimize consumption and cleaning.

DualClean: two cleaning choices in the same oven

how clean oven

DualClean system introduces two different cleaning possibilities available in the same oven. We wrote above about the different self-cleaning options to choose the best one for our daily life and here, we can find a combination of both in just one appliance. A Sunday’s family meal or a cake for the weekend has different levels of dirt. And we only need to choose the right cleaning choice for a happy ending. And now yes, we can enjoy our time without caring about planning when and how to clean our oven.

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