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Multifunction Pyrolytic oven with special Grill and Cast iron grid for Steaks
A+ Multifunction Oven with 50 recipes and SteamBox
A+ Multifunction Oven with 20 recipes
A+ Multifunction Oven with 20 recipes
A+ Multifunction Oven with 20 recipes
A+ Multifunction Oven with 20 recipes
A+ Multifunction Oven with 20 recipes
Multifunction SurroundTemp A+ oven with cooking assistant
Multifunction SurroundTemp A+ oven with 9 cooking functions
60cm Multifunction SurroundTemp Oven with HydroClean system
45cm SurroundTemp Compact Multifunction Oven + Microwave
60cm Multifunction SurroundTemp Oven with HydrocleanPRO
Multifunction A+ oven with 8 cooking functions
60cm Multifunction Oven and HydroClean system
Vacuum sealing machine with kitchen scale and soft-close
Plate Warmer with adjustable thermostat and push-pull system

Your kitchen full of great moments

The new range of Teka ovens offers many features with a modern and elegant design in every model. Along its many different features, Teka ovens also have a low consumption, safeness, precision and an easy use. The most advanced models add a new control display screen, becoming one of the best and most useful tools in your kitchen. Best results with just one touch!

Ovens easier to clean than ever

Pyrolysis or steam cleaning. Teka DualClean models have everything you need to clean your oven. For a daily routine, Hydroclean system, a helping hand for a fast and efficient cleaning with minimum energy consumption. If your last Sunday family meal with a roast beef was a success and you do need a deep cleaning, you can choose among three different pyrolysis levels. Reduce to ashes the dirt in your oven with just one touch. Cleaning an oven never was so easy.

High capacity ovens

Small ovens and compact ovens, all of them larger up to 30% more capacity to cook more food. You can cook several recipes at the same time with the new DoubleCook oven without mixing flavors or odors, thanks to two different independent parts in the same oven but with the standard oven measures. Design in your kitchen is one of our goals, so all of our oven design lines have compacts, coffee machines, hobs, hoods and accessories that can be combined and with the same look, to create harmony and balance in your kitchen.

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