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The kitchen is the living center of all houses. It goes beyond just preparing food.
It’s where small things become essential.

That is why Teka wants to be the enabler of unlimited moments that make life worth living, making your kitchen your favorite place in your home. We design products to create unique experiences, transforming the functional into human, responding to the real needs of our clients.

This is Infinity design, a new modern, authentic, and stylish concept of design to inspire unlimited experiences.











We believe that design is where science and art breakeven. In Teka we want to provide the best solutions with cutting edge technology balanced with the art aspect, delivering unlimited alternatives through the Infinity Design.

As in design, art is made to provoke emotions and thoughts. Our vision is to inspire people bringing art to the kitchen adding more emotion in everyday life. We believe that in the kitchen is where life really happens. Why not add art in this environment?

That is why we collaborate with different associations and institutions to support art and design.


Teka sponsors the gastronomic tour of the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid, made up of 17 masterpieces from the 15th to the 20th century, representing gastronomy as a source of pleasure and emotion.

This tour helps us to understand the meaning and history behind these works.

Since 2019, Teka has been present in one of the major Modern and Contemporary Art museum in Latin America, the Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires.

The brand sponsors the curatorial program of the Modern Museum, including exhibitions by contemporary artists such as Sergio De Loof or Lea Lublin.

In 2021, Teka will sponsor the Alberto Greco exhibition at MAMBA. We also collaborate in the artistic digital content of the Museum, in which more than 100 artists, academics and references of modern art have been involved.


Located in the Born district in Barcelona, the European Museum of Modern Art is an architectural gem located in the Gomis Palace and has more than 230 masterpieces of contemporary art.

Teka, as main sponsor of the museum, collaborates in the cultural dissemination that it carries out through various activities, among which are art exhibitions, shows, workshops or concerts.

Museo Moderno de Buenos Aires

Situated in the heart of Mexico City, the Franz Mayer Museum has become one of the most important cultural references in Mexico, housing one of the most remarkable collections of decorative arts in the country.

The permanent collection of the Franz Mayer Museum is made up of objects that include 6 centuries of creation and innovation in the fields of art and design, from the 15th century to nowadays.

This 2021, Teka joins the circle of organizations that supports the Franz Mayer Museum, promoting art and design in the country.


Urban Colors Edition

Inspired by iconic urban elements from the biggest capitals of the world, such us London, Berlin or Amsterdam. Choose your favorite color among five different collections. For the first time, you can have all the appliances in your kitchen in the same color.

Urban Colors Ovens

Metallic Edition

Metallic Edition adapts to the new trends with a bright and attractive colors. The harmony of the color blends into a unique and pure space. This edition reaches the perfect balance between design and robustness under two unexpected collections: Brass Collection and Titanium Collection.

Metallic Edition

Design is part of our lives, and that’s why we take care of ever detail of the finish in each product we manufacture.

We collaborate with architects, designers and artists to create unique works from our products, with a creative and disruptive vision, which reinterprets spaces to create pieces of art from Teka products.


The creative idea that defines Subtraction is the decontextualization of the elements that make up home appliances. Based on a selection of products, the artist integrates into the space the visible and recognizable pieces as well as the discreet and imperceptible ones.

Infinity design ambient 3
Subtraction #01: Light as a timer
Infinity design ambient 1
Subtraction #02: Fire as an encounter
Infinity design ambient 4
Subtraction #03: Water as a sound
Infinity design ambient 2
Subtraction #04: Window as observer

Revealing freshness

Alper Dostal

Digital art image
Digital art image
Digital art image

Clothes make stoves

Alper Dostal

Clothes make stoves

Alper Dostal

Digital art image
Extraordinary suction power
Digital art image
Clothes make stoves
Digital art image
Cutting edge design
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