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Teka dishwashers types

Teka dishwashers are the perfect solution for ensuring your crockery continues to keep its shine and look brand new thanks to their high performance. They’ve been tested and designed to keep your tableware in good condition wash after wash. What’s more, the different models blend in perfectly whatever the style of your kitchen, being able to choose from both freestanding and built-in dishwashers.

Enjoy the latest cutting-edge technology.

Our AquaLogic system detects dirt levels and adapts the amount of water used during the washing cycle for higher efficiency. AutoProgram on the other hand selects the best temperature, washing cycle and amount of water needed for each wash. This way, you don’t have to worry about which programme is best.

Built-in dishwashers

When you purchase your Teka built-in dishwasher, you will enjoy our BeamOnFloor technology, which ensures the appliance is extremely quiet when running. This will be to such an extent that you won’t even notice that it’s on apart from the light on the front panel, which notifies you and prevents you from interrupting a washing or drying cycle.
The control panel is concealed in the top part of the door so that the appliance is practically invisible when the door is shut. What’s more, the SlidingDoor system on our Teka built-in dishwashers allows you to install doors of up to 800mm in length without them hitting the skirting board.

Freestanding dishwashers

One of the advantages of freestanding dishwashers is their versatility when it comes to adapting to kitchen spaces. When you buy your Teka freestanding dishwasher, you will find a variety of sizes and finishes from 45-cm dishwashers to 60-cm dishwashers with 8 washing programmes. Buy the dishwasher which best suits your needs and ensure your dishwasher remains as good as new.

What types of dishwashers are there?

In Teka’s catalogue, you can find both built-in and freestanding dishwashers.

How much capacity does a dishwasher have?

A dishwasher’s capacity is measured in place settings. Most dishwashers have a capacity for washing between 10-12 place settings. At Teka, you can buy dishwashers with capacities of up to 14 place settings.

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