A+ Multifunction oven with HydroClean® PRO cleaning system
A+ Pyrolytic oven with SoftClose system
A+ Multifunction oven with 20 recipes
A+ Pyrolytic oven with 20 recipes
SurroundTemp Multifunction oven of 77L in 90 cm
Pyrolytic SurroundTemp Multifunction A+ compact oven with 20 recipes
Multifunction oven with HydroClean system and steamer in 45 cm
Multifunction compact oven and HydroClean system in 45 cm
Built-in Microwave + Grill with Full Touch Control of 25L
Built-in Microwave + Grill with Touch Control
Built-in multi-capsule coffee machine with digital display
Built-in coffee maker with 30 programs and 15 bar pressure
Vacuum sealer with kitchen scales and self-closing
Plate warmer with adjustable thermostat temperature
Gas hob with 4 high efficiency burners in 60 cm
Gas hob (90 cm / 35.4 inch) EFX 90 5G AI AL DR
Gas on Glass hob with 4 burners in 60 cm
Gas on Glass hob with 5 burners in 70 cm
Gas on glass hob with double ring BURNER in 90 cm
Induction hob IR 6320
Induction hob (80 cm / 31.5 inch) IRS 843
Flex induction hob with 5 zones and Slider Touch Control in 90 cm
Decorative hood with perimeter extraction system and engine ECOPOWER classification A 90 cm
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