Green habits to help the environment from your kitchen

17 October, 2019

Green habits begin at home. And it does not matter if you are part of a big family or not: every single thing you can do to preserve the environment will help us all. With just a very few steps to follow, we can create a better and healthy world from our homes and our kitchens, and teaching our kids and neighbors how easy and comforting is to be eco-friendly. Do you follow us on this path to create a better future?

The three Rs

Following the three Rs in your kitchen and home, you are doing a great part of the job. Reduce, recycle, and reuse are part of our everyday life. Do you remember how many sneakers did you have when you were a child? We are pretty sure your parents wouldn’t let you buy a new pair until you were almost barefoot. Or so. And maybe, instead of throw away eggshells, you can use it in the soil of your plants and garden as an additive. So it happens with glass, plastic, cans, etc. Reducing our wastes we are saving energy and keeping natural resources like water or timber.

Where does oil go?

Used oil is very slow to degrade so we can not throw it away like a biodegradable waste. Cooking oil must be placed in a proper disposable container and you can leave it in the closest recycling point to your house. There are many communities with specific recycling points for this kind of waste. Anyway, remember you can use oil a couple of times for fries or similar, just try to filter it before the second use. And please, under no circumstances pour it in the sink, toilet or an ordinary garbage can.

Those napkins for a lifetime

Cloth napkins are back! At least to your home if you want to use less paper (and therefore, less water and wood). They don’t disintegrate even though you use them after a BBQ, and you can choose beautiful designs to decorate your table. A greener choice that we were used to when we were children.

Mayday! Tap running!

green habits kitchen

We are very lucky for a home where water can run free (and even hot) through taps. And that’s why we should not forget water is something that belongs to everybody, so saving water is a bit like saving the whole planet Earth. It is a vital, precious resource for humankind. If you feel stressed every time you have a problem with pipes and you haven’t got water for a few hours, try to imagine leaving without it at all. So be kind and green and open the tap just when you really need it. Aquifers are not going to be there forever.

Energy, my precious…

Do you remember when your parents used to yell (a bit) every time you left the light of any room turned on? Well, it is not only about saving money, but also about saving energy for a bigger purpose. We also have many electronic devices and appliances at home. Every time you need to buy a new appliance, be sure it is energy efficient, and follow the instructions to use it correctly.

Nothing left

Recycle and reuse is the key to saving energy and money. Try to plan your daily meals using what you have in the fridge, leftovers, etc. Also, use your imagination to recycle things like jars, coffee grounds (great for the garden soil), and almost anything you use in your daily life.

Follow the led-er

You may think that LEDs are more expensive than ordinary light bulbs. But they are definitely not. LED lights last more than any other light bulbs and save more energy. LED efficiency really worth the money.

The refrigerator will not answer you

green habits kitchen

Think twice before you open the refrigerator instead of spending several minutes deciding in front of it with the open door. We all have done this many times and it is a complete waste of energy.

Eco-friendly cleaning is possible

Be sure you always have baking soda and vinegar at home cause you can clean almost whatever with just two products. Fall in love with natural remedies and eco-friendly products. Many ordinary cleaning products contain chemicals that can be dangerous not only for the planet but for your family and you.

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