Врезная стеклянная раковина Одна чаша и одна сушилка

REF. 115100012
EAN. 8434778004748
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The new Diamond RS15 sinks are the best solution to combine with the rest of Teka glass domestic appliances. With the same quality as a hob, the safety tempered glass is resistant to impacts, high temperatures and temperature changes.

RS15 Collection

RS15 Sinks offers a clean design that embodies modernity. The integrated manufacturing process stands for environmentally friendly and efficient production. All the product range comes with a lifetime warranty and the new SilentSmart system. In addition, the RS15 Collections sinks range is recognized by its flexible installation: undermount, top , flush, inset, or even lay on.
RS15 Collection

Silent Smart

Are the kitchen sinks one source of irritating noise that affects your family? Don't worry, The SilentSmart sinks feature a design with a low-noise component to make them extremely quiet. The sound-dampening pads are their best partner. They, together with their special distribution, can reduce noise when waterfalls during operation, ensuring your comfort and convenience all day.
Silent Smart

Ընդհանուր չափումներ

  • Արտադրանքի երկարություն (մմ): 200
  • Արտադրանքի լայնություն (մմ): 510
  • Արտադրանքի խորություն (մմ): 200
  • Արտադրանքի քաշ (կգ): 3,48
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