Nordic-style kitchen, greater sense of order and cleanliness

6 September, 2018

Fashion has brought us an elegant, functional and comfortable use that comes directly from the Scandinavian countries. Your furniture, your spaces, your compositions … have become a trend. This is the case of the Nordic style kitchen. It brings with it light colors, minimalism, wood and a very special concept of the use of space.

Order and cleaning in the kitchen

These stays that come to us from the Nordic countries reflect how a Scandinavian mind conceives space. They usually make compositions that manage to reconcile the different rooms, while at the same time giving the kitchen a warm and charming atmosphere.

These qualities that we admire so much for a few years, results from balancing two essential issues: functionality and simplicity. Let’s not forget that the Nordic kitchen must be practical and the protagonist of the house.

A Scandinavian kitchen seems to be always clean and in order. Here light has unlimited importance. The rooms should be bright, simple lines and with few gadgets and decorative elements.

However, and despite all this, some truly inspiring scenarios are achieved. It is a cozy stay, where you can give free rein to the brilliance of the cooks of the house.

We have already commented, and we must make it clear: we speak of a luminous space, where the white color predominates. This fact makes this style go hand-in-hand with small kitchens.

That does not mean that, although in the least spacious take advantage of every last millimeter, the open-concept Nordic kitchens are not as attractive. This aspect is enhanced with the windows in the air, without curtains or blinds, to make the most of natural light.

All these issues and those small details contribute to the feeling of order and cleanliness in Scandinavian cuisine is greatly enhanced. It is a matter also of materials.

The materials of the Nordic kitchen

The concept of Scandinavian cuisine is very varied. They get different environments and styles, depending on the materials they combine. It is true that one of the most particular aspects of these rooms is the use of natural elements, very present when designing a Nordic style kitchen.

Vertical gardens, aromatic plants, homemade crops … reinforce this vision with the use of materials that empower the rural environment. Perhaps for this reason, wood is one of the most used materials. However, it is done in a very delicate way and finishes in clear tones are preferred.

Although the combination of white color and wood finishes, Scandinavian cuisine does not close to other formulas that produce an enormous effect thanks to the style. It is the case of combining black and white, using finishes in steel or geometric shapes.

The walls have a lot to say

Each element of a house in northern Europe will have been chosen with exquisite care. The kitchen is no exception. They are specialists in consummating the most minimalist conceptions. That means that each room has the essential furniture and are part of accessories.

his does not mean that a kitchen in the northern European states avoids decoration. The walls white is untouched will be sprinkled with many details. They will achieve that the excess of purity is transformed into the origin of the orderly and clean aspect.

Although white is the star, there are other tactics to decorate the walls of these kitchens. The use of wallpaper with geometric patterns or very soft colors is widespread. This treatment of the walls will give a bit of character to the stay.

The use of accessories to qualify the Nordic kitchen

It is accepted that the excess of white does not have to go with the character of the whole world. Anyway, that will not prevent your kitchen from showing a great Scandinavian aesthetic. Color, replace white wood furniture with darker shades.

The lightest shades are also allowed, including a grayscale. All in order to preserve an ambience that will be achieved with functional furniture in bright colors or objects with strong colors for a lamp. At the end of the day we are moving in a style that is characterized by versatility. It will be relatively easy to get those nuances that allow you to project your special Nordic cuisine, that which has your differentiating stamp and part of your personality.

Recomposing the information

The kitchen has recently become one of the rooms with more notoriety of the house. It is no longer seen as a work zone. It is treated as a point to meet and also as the stage to create a good number of events. All this is merely deepening the cozy character of the Scandinavian style. The time has come to design your own Nordic style kitchen. Do you dare?

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