How to make the most of your experience preparing delicious biscuits with the oven

11 June, 2018

The oven can become one of your best allies in the kitchen, although there are many people who use it as a wardrobe or who do not know how to make the most of it to make delicious meals or even to bake biscuits.

It is an appliance that has evolved to a great extent, and this is very clear to see how it increasingly facilitates cooking and, above all, cleaning.

One of the most important tricks both to prepare a biscuits at home and for the cooking to be always perfect is that the tray is well centered. In this way, the cooking will be homogeneous. To calculate the cooking time, it is very important to know the texture of the food you are going to cook, the size and even the amount of fiber or fat you can have.

t is also important to remember to turn off the oven before the cooking time is over. By doing so, you can use the residual heat that is still in it. The oven provides you various cooking techniques and is indispensable in a kitchen.

How you can get the most out of your oven to make biscuits at home

How many times has it happened to you that after making the dough for a biscuits, it looks like sticky mass or good looking but raw inside? It is common this to happens when you cook with fear. Today you will discover the tricks so that this does not happen again and bake the best and most spongy biscuits from now on.


The most common ingredients are eggs, sugar, salt, butter, flour, yeast and some flavoring.

  • Before starting the process, weigh all the ingredients accurately and reserve them at room temperature (unless some of the ingredients need to be cold).
  • If the recipe does not tell you otherwise, the size of the eggs is M, which is about 55 or 65 grams per unit.
  • The dough should always contain a small amount of salt to enhance the flavor of the sweets. If the dessert requires butter and you use it with salt, you can avoid adding it to the dough.
  • If you are going to make a chocolate biscuits, the way to enhance its flavor is with a spoonful of espresso coffee.
  • Ideally, use wheat flour and then use yeas as a chemical booster. Do not confuse the fresh baking yeast with this one.
    You can use a flavoring in the dough as vanilla essence or grated rind lime or orange.

The dough

The dough should have a lot of air if you want a spongy sponge biscuits. For this, beat the whites on one side and the yolks and the sugar on the other.

The flour must be sifted correctly. Otherwise it is necessary to use a chemical impeller, in which case it is incorporated with the flour and it is also sieved.

If you do not have chemical yeast you can also replace it with sodium bicarbonate. Add a spoon for every half kilogram of flour used.

Add the flour to the beaten egg immediately so that the air is not lost. Remove gently from the bottom up. Help with a spatula spoon and add the flour so that it is incorporated completely so that no lumps remain.


When the dough is ready, proceed to bake immediately. You can help with a few gentle blows to the mold before putting it in the oven, so that the air comes out of the dough.

It is important to have the oven preheated to the right temperature, generally at 180º C. To prevent the dough from sticking, you should butter the mold and then sprinkle it with flour and remove the excess. If you want to use the turbo or oven air, it is advisable to lower the temperature by 10º C.

Each oven works in a different way, so to regulate the right temperature to prepare a biscuits at home, see if it does not rise well on the sides. In that case it would need more heat. If it climb a lot through the center you will need less.

The basic rule for baking biscuits is never to open the oven door during the process, at least for two thirds of the cooking required. Once this time has passed, you can open the door to check the cooking point. Pin it with a toothpick and if the biscuits is ready, the toothpick will come out clean. You can also cover the biscuits with aluminum foil if you do not want it to brown excessively.

With all these tricks sure you can use your oven to bake biscuits and they are very fluffy. If you still do not have an oven and you like baking, go ahead and buy your appliance to get the most out of all your meals and desserts.