Take your time to prepare a healthy breakfast

17 August, 2018

Surely you have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and today you will understand why. Make a healthy breakfast every morning.

It is best to get up a little before bed and take time to prepare breakfast and eat quietly.

Importance of preparing breakfast

It is better to have breakfast than not, but since we are going to do it, it costs nothing to make a healthy breakfast every morning. Healthy does not mean that you will not like it, since you have many options, in addition, it can be very tasty. You will see it below.

What should a healthy breakfast have?

It is important to provide the body with all the nutrients and energy necessary for it to function perfectly throughout the day. Below you will see the basic rules to prepare a nutritious breakfast.

Discard dairy

Cow’s milk often causes discomfort, migraines, intolerance, inflammation or acidification of the blood, among other things. That is why it is better to replace cow’s milk with other vegetables such as milk of tiger nut, oats, soy, almonds or similar

Alkaline foods

Breakfast must be alkaline, not acidic. For this you must include a white tea, an apple or a lemon or orange juice.


They are a great source of healthy and beneficial proteins for your body. Consume for example nuts, which provide the brain with the energy necessary for proper functioning.

Whole grains

You have to include carbohydrates, but it is better to select the healthiest ones and the ones with fewer calories. Quinoa, oats or barley are some of the best options. Forget refined grains.

Avoid combining sweet and salty

It is one of the basic rules of a healthy breakfast. The sugars in fruits are easily digested, but if they are mixed with salty foods they are not digested and can inflame the stomach.

Good hydration

It is essential that the body is hydrated to work perfectly, so drink at least a couple of glasses of water during breakfast. It will help you eliminate toxins.

To have Breakfast calmly

Having breakfast calmly is the only thing that can bring you peace of mind before starting the day. Do not forget to chew slowly to facilitate digestion..

Benefits of breakfast

Breakfast helps you maintain muscle mass, this is necessary both for athletes and for anyone else. With age, muscle mass is lost and this implies a lower caloric expenditure, difficulties in joints and bones and an increase in body fat.

If you make a good breakfast you have more chances of eating healthy the rest of the day, because you arrive at lunchtime with more hunger and that encourages you to eat more calories.

Breakfast improves concentration and performance. When you do not eat breakfast, blood glucose levels drop and the body enters ketosis as an alternative way to find energy and, normally, this condition is accompanied by headaches, weakness and dizziness.

At breakfast, the metabolism is active and prevents fat from accumulating. When you do not eat your breakfast, the body tends to accumulate calories due to the lack of nutrients.

How to prepare the perfect breakfast

Below you will be able to see three examples of perfect breakfasts.

Omelette with vegetables

Beat an egg in a bowl, add some finely chopped spinach leaves, green pepper, red pepper and onion. In a pan, place a little olive oil and pour the previous mixture. Cut while a few slices of avocado.

Oatmeal with fruits

Fruit and oats are good allies to accelerate metabolism, keep you healthy and provide maximum energy to your body. Using these ingredients as a base offers great versatility.

You can prepare the classic porridge cooking half a cup of oatmeal in vegetable milk to which you can add flaxseed or germ of wheat and fruits. The most common are apples, red fruits or bananas.

Instant oatmeal is not recommended because it contains a large amount of sugars and is more sparing in nutrients.

Oatmeal, apple and banana muffins

It is another of the varieties that can be created with these ingredients. Unlike porridge this can be prepared the night before.

The way to make these magnificent muffins is to crush in a bowl a couple of cups of oat flakes, 2 eggs, 3 ripe bananas, 4 pitted dates, a tablespoon of sunflower oil, a teaspoon of baking and cinnamon according to personal taste.

Then add the apple to pieces and place the mixture in a muffin pan. With the oven at 180 degrees, bake until it sticks out with a toothpick and comes out clean.

As you see, it does not have to be boring to prepare and enjoy a healthy breakfast. These are just some recipes that you can incorporate daily into your diet to enjoy its benefits.