RFH 36100 F0A

Regenerative recirculation kit without tube cover

REF. 113290013
EAN. 8434778014624
Select a colour: Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
  • Recommended kits when vent to the outside is not possible
  • It incorporates anchoring supports the engine and filters
  • Regenerative active carbon filters to keep the kitchen clean environment and healthy
  • Easy installation and replacement after the accumulation of particles in the filter to make it lose purification
  • Without tube cover
  • Available for models FIH hoods
  • Kit for the operation of the flow-in hood in recirculation mode *Returns the filtered air back to the kitchen through a grid installed on the plinth
  • Includes R1RFB regenerative filter
  • Doesn't include ducting pipes (see Ducting Kit VarioPro: 113290052)
Compatible accessories, not included in the product.
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