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Kitchen Accessories

Telescopic oven guides 2 heights
Telescopic oven guides 1 level
The Steam Box Kit for steam cooking in the oven
Non stick Pro-Titanium Dual tray for oven and hob
Stone Double Cook
Terracotta baking Stone for pizza
Kitchen set 9 piece stainless steel
IR ligation kit models modular countertops / IRF / TR
Ligation kit counter models IZ / TZ
Grinder for stainless steel sink
Built with multi grater roller wringer
Sink normal valve without overflow
Sink with overflow valve
Basket valve without overflow by Teka
Basket valve with overflow by Teka
Valve basket sink with rectangular overflow
Sinfon space saving Sink
Cutting board black glass kitchen
White glass cutting board
Soap dispenser stainless steel kitchen
Universal soap dispenser Kitchen
Basket stainless steel rods
Basket stainless steel rods
Basket stainless steel rods
Bamboo cutting board
Wooden board with colander
Wooden board with colander
Wooden cutting board kitchen
Wooden cutting board
Cutting board Round timber
Stainless steel colander
white colander
Universal stainless steel colander by Teka
Set cooking 6 elements for sink
Decorative valve for stainless steel sink
Recycling system 3 containers
Recycling system 2 containers
Recycling system 2 containers

When every single detail matters

We do believe every single detail is important to get the best results in your recipes and turn your kitchen into a place full of harmony. That’s why we want to offer a wide range of kitchen accessories to use with your appliances, with the same design line and with a useful and safe running system. From oven trays to Multicolor kits for steam cooking, cutting boards to complements for your sink.

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