Shower Collection





Shower handle STYLO
Shower handle FORMENTERA
Hand spray BIDET
ABS shower head OCEAN
Shower head CUADRO DUO
Shower head ICE
Shower head DISK II
Metal flexible shower hose
Shower system UNIVERSO PRO
Hand shower STYLO SPORT
Hand shower CUADRO DUO
Hand shower ICE
SPA 1 250 ultra slim shower head
SPA 1 300 ultra slim shower head
SPA 1 400 ultra slim shower head
SPA 2 250 ultra slim shower head
SPA 2 300 ultra slim shower head
SPA 2 400 ultra slim shower head
Brass shower arm FORMENTERA 300
Brass shower arm FORMENTERA 400
Brass shower arm ALAIOR 300
Brass shower arm ALAIOR 400
Vertical brass shower arm FORMENTERA V
Vertical brass shower arm ALAIOR V
Sliding bar FORMENTERA

Shower Collection, a moment just dedicated for you

Teka want to be part of your life that’s why we are present in your most relaxing moments of the day, to ensure your maximum comfort. That is how our showers are your best ally to start the day with energy or just to take a nice warm shower when you get home. Our shower columns, with thermostat and advanced security systems and water saving are the best option for you to enjoy a relaxing bath whenever you want.

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