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Designed to live an unique experience in your own kitchen

Find the right hob for you, look for it into our wide range of induction, ceramic, gas, mix or modular hobs. Easier to use, easier to clean and safer, with the highest power precision to fit all your needs but also to save energy and add efficiency, distributing heat properly in the whole cooking area.

Induction hobs

With Teka induction hobs you can program cooking time easy, intuitively and fast, thanks to the new touch control panels with many cooking features. These features are shortcuts to turn on several utilities, like types of cooking or fast boiling (QuickBoiling).

Gas hobs

Gas hobs are designed thinking about demanding chefs, for true and traditional flavour lovers. Traditions can go along with design, so Teka has launched Gas on Glass, with the design of the glass and easy to clean, but also combined with traditional gas models: A great bet for your recipes. If you don’t want to give up any system, Teka has mixed hobs, with gas and induction in the same model, so you can enjoy any kind of cooking whenever you need it to along the week.

Ceramic hobs

Teka ceramic hobs are one of the main choices of our users due to its quality, efficiency and high performance. It is a less expensive option than induction and it can  be really  the best choice depending on your needs. Mixed models are available too, with ceramic and induction working together, so you can have different ways to cook your recipes. 

Safer cooking hobs

Security is one of our main goals in every product. We work with the highest quality standards and we work hard to develop new safety systems to offer best security in our products. That’s why our induction hobs turn off automatically if they are turned on by accident, as well as our gas hobs with a flame failure device to close gas if needed.

Ready to fit you

All our hobs and worktops are available with several finishes and sizes. If you also have a small room, our Domino range has 30cm modular hobs and you can combine them, so you can get the most of your kitchen space. All our worktops have the same design than other Teka products, like hoods or compacts, so you can choose and decorate your kitchen exactly as you wish.

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