Teka holding becomes HERITAGE B

20 September, 2017

In the past, the Teka brand represented both our holding company and one of our operating units. This often led to confusion among customers and employees alike. Furthermore, our group is active in many fields beyond the kitchen and bathroom solutions offered by Teka. We therefore decided to create a separate, strong identity for the holding company to differentiate it from the group’s current and future business activities.


We are happy to inform you that, with immediate effect, our group has been renamed HERITAGEB.

HERITAGEB expresses what the holding does: creating a home and a heritage for its business activities and its brands. B represents ‘building brands’, and even more, ‘building businesses’. In a nutshell, HERITAGEstands for INSPIRING OWNERSHIP. This is our new claim, our promise and our overall objective.

New holding name and e-mail addresses

As a result of this change, our Zug, Switzerland based holding company Teka B.V. has been renamed HERITAGEB B.V. E-mail addresses have been switched from first.lastname@teka-holding.com to first.lastname@heritage-b.com.

Our business addresses and phone numbers will remain the same und so do the names of our operating companies such as THIELMANN and Teka.

For more information we ask you to visit our new website www.heritage-b.com.

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