Kitchen Accessories

Basket Stainless Steel Sods
Basket Stainless Steel Sods
Basket Stainless Steel Sods
Universal Stainless Steel Colander by Teka
Wooden Board with colander
Wooden Board with colander
Cutting Board Round timber
Wooden Cutting Board
Bamboo Cutting Board
Cutting Board black glass kitchen
Universal Soap Dispenser Kitchen
Soap Dispenser stainless steel kitchen
Roller Wringer built with multi grater
6 elements cooking Set for Sink
Basket valve without overflow by Teka
Decorative Valve for Stainless Steel Sink
The SteamBox Kit for Steam Cooking in Oven
Non stick Pro-Titanium Dual tray for Oven and Hob
Telescopic guides kit 3 levels
Telescopic guides kit 2 levels
Telescopic guides kit 1 level
Terracotta Baking Stone for pizza
Stone Double Cook

Kitchen accessories available on the Teka website.

We believe that every single minute detail is important when it comes to arranging the space in your home and obtaining the best results in your kitchen. It’s for this reason that we offer a range of kitchen accessories for you to use alongside your appliances. What’s more, they all follow the same visual feel of our designs and offer safe and practical use.

The SteamBox oven tray.

When you purchase your SteamBox kit, you can turn your oven into a steamer. Steaming offers many benefits: asides from giving us the option to cook more healthily, this method allows us to preserve the nutrients and vitamins in food when cooking, providing outstanding results. Purchase your SteamBox and enjoy all the benefits that steaming has to offer.

Other kitchen accessories

Buy all the kitchen accessories you need from the large range of kitchen utensils available on our website. From oven trays to chopping boards, cookware sets, fryers, recycling systems or even accessories for your sink such as soap dispensers and more. Equip your kitchen with the greatest accessories so that nothing is ever missing.

Do I have to wash kitchen utensils before using them?

It’s recommended that you wash kitchen utensils before using them for the very first time given that they’ve been in storage before reaching your home and therefore they may contain dust or specks of dirt. For this reason, it’s always important to wash them before using them.

Do I have to buy a special set of pans for induction hobs?

In order to cook on an induction hob, you need to use a set of pans made from ferromagnetic materials. The most common of these are steel and iron. Other pans made from other materials may work as long as they have a steel base.
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