iHood®: Cooking listening to music

6 June, 2017

Teka were the first to develop hoods with silent motors of great extraction capacity. Once the noise levels of the bells have been reduced, why not equip them with the best multimedia technology? TEKA LAUNCHES THE FIRST HOOD FOR iPHONE AND iPOD.

Teka has presented the first decorative hood that allows listening to music while it is being used, by incorporating a standard multimedia support for iPod and iPhone. The new hood, called DPL 90 iHood®, is the result of an agreement reached with Apple. This makes Teka a pioneer in the development of hood multimedia applications.

The iHood® integrates a device to connect the iPod or iPhone, with speakers which allow you to listen to music without loss of quality. For this, it has a sound-absorbing panel that reduces noise and vibrations. The emission of noise generated with this system is 39 dB (A) in sound power, compared to approximately 60 dB (A) that produces a normal conversation at 1 m distance. In addition, the iHood is equipped with a remote control to control the basic functions of the Apple device.

The technological development has been carried out entirely in Teka’s offices of Granada, over 12 months.

In the kitchen of Karlos Arguiñano

The new model incorporates Touch Control , digital controls that allow to select the different extraction speeds (3 + intensive), connect the lighting independently, indicate the level of saturation of filters and perform the function of automatic disconnection with the combination of time and speed desired, among other features.

This unique equipment has made it one of the appliances chosen by Karlos Arguiñano to prepare its recipes, from Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 12:30, in the program “Karlos Arguiñano en tu cocina” from Antena 3.

The DPL 90 iHood® can work in recirculation, previously installing activated carbon filters, replaceable and easy to install. Thanks to this system, the ihood renews the air of a kitchen without the need to go outside, through the set of filters that suck, renew and expel it again. By incorporating this advance, the ihood can be placed anywhere in the kitchen or in other enclosed spaces.

In addition, it is equipped with a perimeter extraction system that facilitates homogeneous suction around the entire perimeter. Its aluminum filter is composed of five layers that retain the fat particles suspended in the air, preventing them from depositing in the engine.

The double turbine engines guarantee a silent and effective vapors and odor removal, with a low-energy consumption. In case of sudden formation of fumes, they ensure a great power of extraction of air and contribute to increase the robustness and the duration of the apparatus.

IHood® extraction capacity covers from 240 m3 / h minimum to 780 m3 / h maximum.

The DPL 90 iHood® incorporates 4 low-consumption LED lamps that provide three times the brightness of halogen lamps with a tenth of the energy consumption.


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