Teka presents its automatic coffee machine for coffee lovers of the authentic taste of coffee

30 November, 2017

Teka has launched its new automatic coffee machine CLC 855 GM, which belongs to the new line called Wish.

  • It has an integrated grinder to grind the coffee beans on the spot and 30 different programs to prepare it.
  • This coffee machine regulates flavor intensity, type of grind, temperature and the amount of coffee.
  • It is the perfect appliance for coffee lovers.

Teka´s coffee machine is ideal complement for the kitchen ( compact of 45 cm). Its stainless steel design, which features an LED screen and touch control, is typical of the innovation made by the brand for the new Wish line. Its striking aesthetic is integrated and perfectly combined with other compact appliances of the same line, such as ovens and microwaves.

Unlike the capsule coffee machines, the CLC 855 GM model allows users to grind coffee beans on the spot by means of three different types of grinding thanks to its integrated steel grinder. It incorporates 30 programs to prepare each coffee in a different way and capacity to regulate the intensity of each cup. Users can enjoy a mild, medium or strong flavor, just the way they like it. Another innovative feature is the ability to control temperature and quantity, making it the perfect appliance for coffee lovers. The Wish automatic coffee machine allows you to prepare two cups at the same time and has adjustable dispensers to adapt it to each container.

The CLC 855 GM  has a built-in area where you can accumulate coffee beans, with a capacity of up to 300 gr, and another compartment for normal ground coffee or decaffeinated powder. It has two other functions of steam and hot water with up to almost two liters of capacity, typical of professional coffee makers.

This automatic coffee machine is also easy to keep clean thanks to its easy extraction drawer and its self-cleaning function.

The new CLC 855 GM automatic coffee machine belongs to the Teka MASTER category, a line of appliances designed for those who require ease of handling and precision and seek to go one step further in the kitchen.

With the Teka automatic coffee machine, you can enjoy those unrepeatable moments shared with your loved ones around the aroma and taste of the best fresh coffee.

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