The best tips and tricks to cook with your microwave

Think about how it would be your life without a microwave: goodbye to quick hot coffees, bye to your everyday lunch box in the office, no more microwave popcorn on a Saturday night… The microwave has found a place to stay in the kitchen, but most of the times we don’t really know the many advantages this appliance has. So take a look at these hacks to find other uses for your microwave:

Get the most of your citrus

You will have every single drop of your juice by heating the piece of fruit for 20 seconds in the microwave. Your lemons and oranges will be juicy and squeeze them will be easier.

Don’t make me cry

Forget about dramas in the kitchen every time we need to cut onions for our recipes. There is no need to use goggles anymore neither. Your microwave is your new best friend to fight against onion gas. Place the onion inside for 30 seconds before chop it and…we’re done!

tips cook microwave

Crispy food

If your French fries are not as crispy as they were a few minutes ago or you want to add some bacon to your burger, your microwave is here to help again. Wrap any ingredient in paper towel and place it into the microwave for 2 minutes at 800W. You will reduce moisture and the food will be crispy. Repeat this process with 30 seconds intervals if you want it crispier.

A real Caffe Latte

If you dream about that creamy coffee with froth, we have good news for you: yes, you can do it with your microwave. Just fill a glass jar with whole milk, shake it, and put it into the microwave for 30 seconds, high power, without the lid. Check If the froth is too much and stop it before you see a milk tsunami inside the appliance.

End of the rebel tomatoes

Tomatoes can be hard to handle if we want to peel them. But there is no resistant peel for a microwave. Just heat tomatoes inside for 30 seconds and peel them will be easier.…victory!

tips cook microwave

Dry your fresh herbs easily

Do you love to use a few fresh herbs in your recipes but you don’t know what to do with the rest? Your microwave is our new hope. Wrap the leaves without stems in paper towel and heat in the microwave for a minute, high power, each side. If you can crumble them easily, they are ready.

tips cook microwave

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