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Types of washer-dryers available on the Teka website

Space is no longer an issue with Teka’s washer-dryers. These appliances offer all the features of both a washing machine and a tumble dryer – all in one appliance. You can have your clothes washed and dried in no time, and without changing space or needing to hang them up. This will all provide great care for your garments, obtaining the best results for preserving your clothes.

Built-in washer-dryers

Teka’s built-in washer-dryers have an 8-kg load capacity for washing clothes and a 5-kg capacity for drying. They have up to 13 different programmes for washing different types of garments and 2 programmes for drying.

Large-capacity washer-dryers

Freestanding large-capacity washer-dryers are the ideal purchase for doing lots of laundry with a washing capacity of 10 kg and a 7-kg capacity for drying clothes. They also feature a SoftCare drum with silicone blades. Likewise, they feature the WoolMark certification mark which ensures maximum care for the most delicate of garments.

What are the advantages of having a washer-dryer?

Washer-dryers offer you two appliances in the space of one. You can wash clothes and then dry them without getting them out of the appliance. This means savings on time and space, and also versatility given that you can also use their different functions separately.

What is the maximum capacity of a washer-dryer?

Teka’s SPA TKD 1610 WD washer-dryer has a capacity of 10 kg for washing and 7 kg for drying.

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