Teka launches its new global communication campaign in Spain

25 July, 2018

Teka launches a communication campaign to announces its new worldwide brand positioning.

With this new campaign, Teka renews its image, positioning itself as a brand that is close to its customers and consumers, understanding their needs, and inspiring unforgettable moments in the kitchen through a range of innovative products with an original designs.

The kitchen is more than a simple place to prepare food. It is the space where almost everything that matters to us happens. It is where you laugh, share and dream … It is the place where small things become essential. For Teka, mealtime and its preparation, are some of the most important cultural and emotional elements of our day.

Under the slogan “Where life is cooked”, Teka wants to convey that cooking can generate amazing experiences full of emotions that remain in our memories forever.

For this, the spot that Teka premieres in Spain and later will be broadcast worldwide, has been shot in film format and takes us to a story that reflects some of the emotions that cooking can make us feel. The film stars a father and his son, who through memory and cooking experience a unique moment. The director of this moving story is the renowned Argentine director Marina Seresesky, nominated for the Goya Awards last year.

Every detail of the spot has been taken care of, including the music “Bird of Sorrow”, by Oscar-winnig Irish composer Glen Hansard.

Fran López, Vice President of Marketing of Grupo Teka,explains that: “With this campaign, Teka launches a new communication campaign in Spain to announce its new worldwide brand positioning, renewing its image and building an even more powerful link with consumers through the emotions that are experienced in the kitchen, the nerve center of our homes. ” He adds: “With this story we wanted to reflect how the kitchen and all the moments in it generate an emotional bond in people, and how, our appliances, facilitate these emotions.”

This campaign is a firm commitment of Teka to teach customers the recipes to enjoy the unforgettable experiences offered by their kitchen equipment solutions. Teka offers a range of products that stands out for their German heritage and are recognized for their durability and quality.

Natalia Muñoz, General Director and Vice President of Teka for Spain, says: “These emotions will accompany Teka in its increase in the market, and they will help us to consolidate the important quota growth that we have been experimenting with in recent months. The fact that the campaign has products such as the iKNOB induction hob, as a main actor, will allow more and more customers to get to know our highly innovative products with which they can get excited and enjoy themselves in the kitchen “.

This campaign will be launched on television, magazines and online media.

  • Television: National campaign in the main television groups, Mediaset, Atresmedia and Movistar TV, during prime time to obtain the maximum notice within the leading programs of the Teka target audience. The formats of the television spots for will be 2 minutes, 30 seconds, and 10 seconds reminders to reinforce the main message of the campaign.
  • Online: the strategy will be based on a strong presence in digital media at a national level. (That is the objective of the brand during the coming months). In addition, it has launched the microsite dondesecocinalavida.com, a space in which users can view the campaign, related content and share their stories and experiences related to cooking. Teka will also support the campaign through its social media channels.

The official hashtag of the campaign will be #DondeseCocinalaVida, where content of the campaignwill be shared.

  • Magazines: presence in the most important decor and women´s magazines, as well as supplements and magazines in the sector.


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