The best pizza toppings ideas

5 May 2022
If you want to know how to combine the best ingredients for your pizza, keeping each flavour and the taste balance, there is something you need to know: the secret to the perfect pizza is in the dough, but also, it is about not using more than four ingredients as topping. Subtlety matters, and, with too many or too few ingredients on top, all piled up, the result will be the opposite of what you are looking for: you will not enjoy the ingredients, but a sort of messy taste. Choose the best pizza toppings with these easy tips:

Cheese and tomato

Homemade tomato for pizza

Pay attention to these ingredients for one simple reason: without them, there is no pizza. Every pizza you can think of has a tasty crusttomato sauce, and cheese.

It is best to use homemade tomato sauce. This way, you will be sure you have a very thick sauce, and the dough will not get wet. About the cheese matter: besides mozzarella, feel free to use any cheese, but you need to know how the cheese reacts in the oven.

For instance: if you use a cured cheese, an old one, it is better to grate it before putting it in the oven. If you use a mixture of cheeses, it is better to dice them and spread them on the top so you can feel the taste of each one in your mouth. And remember, a hard cheese flavour can make the other ingredients taste different. If that is ok for you, go ahead.

Meats and sausages

Sausages on homemade pizza

There are many traditional choices like baconpepperonisalami or prosciutto, and they work well on a pizza.  Serrano ham or other types of ham are popular too. But if you want to try something different, use meats like other pork cuts or even chorizo in your pizza recipes. The result? Your next favourite pizza for a movie night.

Vegetables, mushrooms, and herbs

Pumpkin pizza topping

Pepper, onion, mushrooms, basil and oregano are the most used ingredients for pizza toppings. You’ll probably find them in more than one high-quality pizza. But, using some other ingredients similar to these veggies can be tasty too: food like pumpkin, sweet potato, or even potato. Just remember, you need to cook them before adding them to the pizza. Cook them in the oven, and they will not add moisture to your pizza dough later.


There is life beyond anchovies. Fish like sardines, tuna, or even young hake are good choices for pizza, as well. Seafood pizza, for instance, has all the main ingredients of a traditional pizza plus fish, shellfish, and vegetables. Know which ingredients you need to cook previously and which ones you can add raw to the pizza top.


Fruit pizza topping

It is time to deal with the “fruit on pizza” matter, a controversial issue in the pizza world. Whether you like it or not, pizza with pineapple is a success and one of the best pizza toppings for many people: you have to live with it. As we have already said, balance is the key to a good pizza, so cook until you find that balance with fruit as a topping too.

If you use fruit carefully, you can include foods like strawberries, kiwis, citrus, and, above all, bananas, something you can easily combine with other ingredients thanks to their soft taste. A pizza for dessert? Why not.

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