Best pizza scenes in movies


A pizza and movie night is one of the most comforting things in life. Both come many times hand by hand, from the couch, but from the other side of the screen too. Pizza always has a relevant role in iconic moments of the recent history of the cinema. And not only supporting Italian stereotypes: many things happen around a pizza, sometimes more emotional, sometimes funny. We have compiled the most memorable and remarkable pizza in movies scenes.

«The bicycle thief» (1948)

It is the non-pizza scene, actually. In this great film from Vittorio de Sica, a redundant father and his son are in a restaurant in Italy during the postwar, and they just want to eat pizza. But they are in a trattoria, so they have to ask for pasta because they do not serve pizza. That pizza, that meal itself, is a synonym of social class, but it also means the tender relationship between father and son, and the happiness of the simple moments inside the drama and frustration of a tragic reality. Tip: nine out of then critics agree that any film from the Italian neo-realism is contraindicated if you feel blue.

«Manhattan» (1979)

Pizza found a place in Manhattan watching an iconic scene of two of the main characters in the film: Woody Allen and a very young Mariel Hemingway (don’t laugh about the being very young fact). They speak about their relationship in a pizza restaurant in New York, a meal and a city that go along very well. And you can find the biggest pizza slices in the world there (now you know why the new Yorkers fold them to eat them better).

«Mystic Pizza» (1988)

A witty, simple romantic drama, but with substance. An ode to sisterhood and friendship in a restaurant of a small village where, of course, pizza plays an important role. Because this meal is a slice of heaven, as you can read in their t-shirts. Lily Taylor and Julia Roberts at the end of the 80s is something you need to remember, and the film is perfect for sofa and blanket fans.

«Whyplash» (2014)

Pizza is love in many ways. If «Manhattan» introduce us to the end of a relationship (yup, spoiler), here we find a promising first date, even though it is under fluorescent tubes. And a good chance to confess hopes and some frustrations. A haven of peace for the main character, probably the only one he has during the whole film thanks to his lovely professor (you need to know people like this teacher actually exists).

«Do the right thing» (1989)

We come back to New York, Brooklyn, and this time with Spike Lee. The pizza restaurant is the meeting point for the neighbours of this economically depressed area, immigrants mostly. Danny Aiello, the Italo-American owner of the restaurant, manages the business with his two sons. He sells pizza slices for one dollar and fifty to people like Giancarlo Esposito (Esposito will too manage a “restaurant” eventually, a place called Los Pollos Hermanos, in Breaking Bad). A drama about everyday life and racism to watch with friends, pizzas, and pointing to the screen for all the cameos of rising stars, including Samuel L. Jackson as a DJ. Fight the power, with pizza too.

«Eat, pray, love» (2010)

Julia Roberts comes back to tell everybody she is in love and we have the exclusive: her significant other is a Margherite pizza she is enjoying in Naples during this scene. The plot may be a bit like easy-going-mindfulness, but from time to time, we all need somebody to tell us how important it is to enjoy life and move on. And we find the concept of pizza as an antidepressant simply wonderful.

«Iron Man» (2008)

Obadia Stane (Jeff Bridges) brings pizza from New York to Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) in the first Iron Man film. A pizza that smells a bit like betrayal, even though Jeff Bridges brings it (come on, Dude). Superheroes and food have a close relationship, and it reminds us they are human beings, after all. So it is not weird to watch The Avengers or other Marvel characters eating burgers, shawarmas, or whatever they can just take to eat because one can be very hungry after saving the world.

«Back to the future II» (1989)

The future of pizza does not look very bright watching this scene, but it is even scarier those parts about how we will use the phones in the future (now). But let’s go to the point: we promise the Teka I+D team is working hard to find a way of cooking a pizza as fast as this Marty Mcfly’s home in the future. Meanwhile, we have our MaestroPizza that cooks a better-looking pizza in just 3 minutes.

«Spaceballs» (1987)

Mel Brooks and friends created in this parody a villain by mixing Jabba the Hutt (Star Wars) with a well-known pizza franchise (since we know you are smart, there is no need to tell you which one). And the character is really disgusting but, at the same time, don’t you feel like you want some pizza now? Watching Barf (John Candy) dancing with Bon Jovi makes the scene even better.

«Inside out» (2015)

One of the funniest and remarkable animated films of the last years has an iconic moment in this pizza scene, with very human reactions: you can’t help to feel identified with her. Even the saddest things look different with a good slice of pizza. We can also say that if this pizza with broccoli were homemade, nobody would say a word. And you, how do you feel when eating pizza?

Not many relationships last as much as this one between pizza and movies. Because, when you find such a versatile and delicious dish that you can also eat with your hands, how can anyone say “no” to be with it until death do you part? If we have made you hungry and feeling like you want to cook a pizza right now, our job is done here.


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