The best recipes of Mexican cuisine

18 August, 2018

Have you tried Mexican cuisine? If you like dishes full of flavor, you won’t be able to resist trying some of its most characteristic recipes. As soon as you put the dishes on the table, you’ll feel like you have a piece of Mexico in your home, which you certainly won’t want to give up.

Recipes with personality

The best thing about Mexican cuisine is that its most popular dishes are made from full-flavor recipes with a lot of personality, which will entice everyone at the table with a few basic ingredients that are very easy to find. So you can feel free to experiment in your kitchen without too many problems.

Wouldn’t you like to change up your usual dinner for a tasty, homemade Mexican meal? Here are some of their best-known recipes. Which one are you going to try first?


This Mexican sauce has already become an essential throughout the world. It’s very easy to prepare and adds incredible flavor to any dish. All you need are avocados, a green onion, garlic, tomatoes, chili, lemon, olive oil, salt and cilantro.

Preparing guacamole is as simple as smashing the avocados with a fork and adding drops of lemon, finely chopped green onion, garlic, tomato, finely sliced ​​cilantro and some small slices of chili. After mixing up everything, add salt and oil to taste, and the guacamole is done.

Nachos with cheese

Nachos are one of the most popular dishes to order if you visit a Mexican restaurant, no doubt about it. To prepare them you will need fried tortillas and some garnish, made of jalapeños, tomato, chili, beans, guacamole and/or sour cream.

The famous “nacho” sauce is prepared with butter, flour, milk and grated cheddar cheese. Once it is cooked, pour it over the nachos placed in a dish and top it off with the garnish.

Mexican chicken tacos

Who hasn’t eaten Mexican chicken tacos? Nowadays they can be found in endless varieties in typical Mexican restaurants, but we’ve decided to present the traditional recipe to prepare them at home.

You will need corn tortillas and a filling made with onion, tomato, pieces of grilled chicken and parsley. Season them with salt and oil to fully enjoy their flavor. Once the filling is ready, place it in the tortillas and heat them in a pan, placing a piece of cheese on top to be melted.

Need a good sauce to spice them up? Chop onion, garlic, tomato and chili peppers, scent with thyme and sauté until cooked through. Serve it in a bowl so everyone can enjoy it.

Pico de gallo

Pico de gallo is definitely one of the most well-known accompaniments of Mexican cuisine over the last few years with its heightened popularity. Its big flavor and freshness make it essential to give that special touch to any dish.

Affordable ingredients to prepare one of the most popular sides of Mexican cuisine and also just a few minutes. Just put some tomatoes, serrano peppers, lemon, onion and some cilantro (yes, cilantro is a real must-have). Chop everything and season it. Ready to go!


Another essential dish in Mexican cuisine is the chicken quesadilla, a quick, easy and very tasty dish. Don’t forget to combine it with your favorite Mexican sauce and a side of refried beans.

Quesadillas are prepared using corn tortillas with some butter spread on one side and filled with a thin filling of grated cheese, onion, cooked chicken and tomato. All you do is cook them for a few minutes on the stove to enjoy all their flavor to the fullest.


Corn tortillas are front and also center in the recipe for Mexican chicken enchiladas, which are served with hot chili sauce and can have different fillings.

To prepare them, season chicken first with garlic, salt and oregano. The meat has to marinate for some minutes to reach the best results. Then, fry it in hot oil and set it aside to prepare the sauce. Mix some onion and parsley with chili peppers, avocado, cloves and fresh chopped cilantro. You can put some sour cream or cheese on the top. Once they enchiladas are assembled, place them in an oven dish and bake them for a few minutes after they look a bit crispy and the cheese is melted and serve.

Mexican fajitas

To finish things off, here it is another iconic recipe of Mexico: fajitas. Traditionally, they were made with veal, but now they are most commonly prepared with chicken. Regardless of the meat you choose, the truth is that it’s a very simple and a tasty recipe that you can’t resist.

In a pan, sauté peppers and onion cut into strips and add the tomato, once they are golden brown. Prepare the chicken in another pan and, when everything is ready, mix it and season it. At this point, add lettuce and grated cheese to the pan. Now just fill the tortillas and brown them on a grill, so they get crispier.


Which of these Mexican cuisine recipes are you going to try first?

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