How to decorate a kitchen

19 July, 2018

Whenever you start thinking about how to decorate a kitchen you try to gather as many ideas as possible to achieve a practical and functional kitchen with plenty of space to work, always respecting elegant and beautiful lines.

The kitchen is where the most important appliances are located, which are increasingly innovative and have greater storage capacity than ever. As such, there are several factors that influence successful kitchen decoration.


How do you design a kitchen to be functional and have space to work?

Before jumping to the selection of appliances and furniture, the most important thing is to know exactly how much space you’re going to have available and how you want to use it.

In other words, you may think you have a small space, but if the most you’re going to cook is a grilled steak, you don’t need to install the same elements you would if you like to innovate and incorporate different cooking methods.


Decorating a small kitchen

Even if you don’t have a large space there are many options for ways to enjoy a kitchen that’s comfortable and well-equipped.

You can choose compact furniture that covers all the walls to increase storage capacity. The best-specialized furniture companies are constantly innovating so you can find everything you need, even for small spaces, turning these reduced spaces into very effective, high-performing kitchens.

Having a modern kitchen with little space is possible. One of the most important things is to choose the right color and really brighten up space. In this context, white plays an essential role that can be enhanced with natural light and light points with the right strength.


Types of styles for decorating functional kitchens

Personality is something that is infused in the design of any type of room, but this is especially true in the kitchen. Mixing different compositions to achieve a unique and personal style is increasingly popular.

In addition to modern kitchen furniture, you think also about today’s appliances. You can find appliances with minimum energy consumption that are very easy to clean, including vacuum packers. You can even decorate this room of the house with elegant wine coolers or build elements into the furniture, such as a professional coffeemaker, in order to have a larger surface on which to work.

Minimalist designs or industrial style kitchens are perfect when you have the right space. Rustic design in kitchens is gaining followers because they convey a familiar, warm feeling.


Minimalist kitchen decoration

​Minimalist designs help avoid that linear, cold style, opening up the door to new Mediterranean-style ideas to obtain better and more intimate visual effects.


Retro-style decoration

There are many details in today’s kitchens that are used to give the room that retro look, resulting in fabulous spaces.

For this purpose, you can find lamps or certain appliances with rounded lines and striking colors.


Decorating a traditional kitchen in a modern style

A traditional kitchen requires two basic characteristics: functionality and practicality. Classic furniture respects simple lines, albeit with a lot of wood ornamentation and very traditional colors. This makes it easier to make space feel cozy. Simplicity in design allows kitchens to have enough space to work.

To transform a traditional kitchen into something more modern, you just need to refine the lines and materials a bit and incorporate some fabulous multipurpose furniture that combines functionality and glamor.


Kitchens decorated in black and white with wooden details

The mix of black and white is completely timeless, and if you add the warmth provided by wood details the result will be a kitchen that’s elegant and refined.

White is also perfect for smaller spaces. When you combine it with simple lines you may wind up with a kitchen that’s too boring. If you decorate with the opposite, black, you can obtain magnificent results, though its use is very atypical and shows great austerity. If you decide to use only wood, the result is going to be totally impersonal.

The combination of these three elements makes spaces more attractive and dynamic. Another option that’s most often used is to combine this composition with certain touches of color such as green, red or yellow.


How to decorate a kitchen in dark tones

Although the trend is to use strong, striking, fresh and bright colors, achieving elegance and sophistication is easier when you design a modern kitchen using dark tones, such as black, which adapt to any style.

For the finishing touch in these kitchens, high-end stainless steel appliances are essential for the comfort and elegance they provide.

With all these recommendations, you may already have a slightly clearer idea of how to decorate a kitchen but get in touch with us if you want to use the best appliances for this purpose.

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