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Types of wine coolers available on Teka's website

Teka's wine coolers are the ideal home appliance for preserving wine bottles at home. They create an optimum atmosphere for storing and ageing wine at the right temperature.Its design matches the rest of the furniture and adapts perfectly to the space. Wine coolers are available in smaller or larger sizes, depending on each person's needs.

Teka’s wine coolers

The models in Teka's home wine cooler collection feature the latest advances in technology: humidity control, anti-vibration system, PerfectTemp, Surround Air and ControlTemp technology, as well as an active carbon filter. They maintain a humidity level between 55º and 75º to avoid the cork from drying out and to guarantee the quality of the wine. Also, its double tempered glass blocks light and UV rays from entering, which prevents the wine from ageing and losing flavour.

The anti-vibration system of Teka's wine coolers absorbs any vibrations, which may damage the taste of the wine. In addition, Teka's innovative SurroundAir cooling system ensures that air is evenly distributed and recirculated throughout the interior of the wine cooler, maintaining a constant temperature in all areas.

At last, they feature the SmartControl system, which guarantees a constant temperature, ensuring that the wine is preserved in the best possible condition.

Types of wine coolers

Capacity is one of the main aspects to take into account. Teka's models range from 8-bottle to 51-bottle wine coolers. They are available in different sizes, with or without handle. On the other hand, wine coolers are either compressor-operated or thermoelectric.

In terms of temperature, they can be single-temperature or multi-temperature wine coolers. Single-temperature wine coolers have one temperature zone and are recommended for storing a single type of wine that must be kept at a specific temperature. Multi-temperature wine coolers have more than one zone, so they can have between two or more than two temperatures. Teka offers wine coolers with up to 3 zones, ideal to combine red, white and sparkling wines, and keep each of them at their ideal temperature.

Depending on the position, there are horizontal and vertical wine coolers. The horizontal ones are advisable for storing wines that are not going to be consumed in the next few days, while the vertical ones are for saving wine that is going to be enjoyed in the days following its purchase.

They also vary in the type of installation, ensuring that it is always possible to place a wine cooler whatever the space available. We can find built-in, under-counter and free-standing wine coolers.

Built-in wine coolers

Built-in wine coolers are installed in a cavity. They are available in vertical and horizontal versions and with different capacities or number of bottles. They can be placed in an enclosed space in a kitchen or living room, as well as between furniture or under a worktop. This is possible because they have an integrated ventilation system.

Free standing wine coolers

Free-standing wine coolers can be more versatile than built-in wine coolers in terms of installation and space. They are available for different bottle capacities and in different sizes, which makes it easier to install them in any space in your home. Within this typology we can find both small table-top wine coolers as well as larger or higher wine coolers.

Tips on how to buy a wine cooler

The first point to consider when buying a wine cooler is to measure the space available in the house. You will as well need to know the approximate amount of bottles that you want to store, so that the chosen wine cooler has the appropriate capacity and size. Once you have analysed the place where you want to place it, you will also be able to choose between a free-standing or built-in wine cooler.

Depending on the intended use, you can choose small or larger wine coolers, as well as vertical or horizontal, depending on whether you wish to consume wine more frequently or to age it.

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