Types of dishwashers

Find the information you need about the different types of dishwashers, the measurements and capacity of the appliance, and other aspects that will help you answer the question: which dishwasher to buy?

Lavavajillas estándar


Built-in dishwashers are the best option to fit the appliance into your kitchen and thus, matching the furniture.

Lavavajillas de libre instalación

Free standing

Free standing dishwashers can be installed in any place that has the required dimensions for the appliance.


Lavavajillas compactos


Compact dishwashers offer high performance in a small place, which is the best option for couples, people that live alone, or small kitchens.

Lavavajillas estándar


You can find 60 cm wide dishwashers, which is the standard size of this type of appliance. Ideal for all types of families.

Lavavajillas XL


For those who need more capacity, this is the ideal model. It also allows the use of doors of up to 800mm so that their alignment and integration result in perfect with the rest of the furniture in your kitchen.


Capacidad del lavavajillas

The capacity is measured by the number of place settings: 1 place setting is the dishes and the cutlery needed per person for a whole meal. That means an entree, main, and dessert.

The 45 cm models have 9 place settings capacity, compact around 6, and for a family that uses the dishwasher daily, you can find from 12 to 15 place settings.



Stand-up load

Column installation for comfortable access when loading the dishes.

Stand Up Load
Stand Up Load

Sliding door

It allows installing dishwashers with 800mm* high doors without colliding with the kitchen’s socket. A perfect integration thought to fit in your kitchen’s layout.
(*according to models)

Special functions

Express function.

It adjusts the water pressure to get perfect results quicker, reducing the chosen washing program length up to 70%.

Extra drying function

This function generates intense heat during the drying process which significantly minimizes the usual food leftovers, and so it offers a perfect result and up to 30% shinier.


Use it in any program to increase water pressure and to remove the remaining grease.

Smart solutions

Smart Sensor


It’s a sensor system that measures the dishes’ level of dirt to adjust the washing settings according to the level of food particles and dirt for each use.

Premium Dry


A perfect finishing thanks to the “drying” feature and with minimal energy consumption. At the end of each cycle, the system will automatically open the door to dry the dishes.

Sensor MultiCleaner

Multicleaner Sensor

Identifies whether the soap is liquid or not to calculate the temperature for better cleaning.

designed for your comfort

Silverware tray MultiFlex-3


Silverware tray

Your silverware will be perfectly clean and with no leftovers thanks to the new bigger and more flexible tray. You can set its movable items according to your different needs.

PushUp System

Adjusts the upper basket to your dishes’ size. You just have to smoothly press the sides and slides up to 3 different positions, even with a loaded basket.


Thanks to its removable items, you can modify the inside so it better adjusts to each load. The holders included for mugs and cutlery help you better distribute to make the best use of your dishwasher.

Special programs


It interprets that you have glasses on the top tray and pots on the bottom one, and so it adjusts the water pressure for each tray.

One hour

In just one hour you will be able to not only wash but also dry your dishes.


It protects the most delicate glasses and cups as it adjusts the temperature as well as the water’s pressure.



Use this program when the dishwasher is empty so you can do an exhaustive cleaning to have it always flawless.

IonClean technology

It creates negative ions that neutralize the odor’s particles and remove bacteria. The air within the refrigerator maintains it with great quality, fresh and odor-free.

Noise level


Light signal

Your dishwasher is so quiet that we have decided to add a light so you are aware when the dishwasher is on. When the light turns off your dishes will be ready.


Efficiently designed

Less energy consumption with an A+++ energy classification even in the 45 cm models. Constant innovation allows a minimum consumption of up to 8.7 liters of water for the 45cm models and 9.5 liters for the 60cm models.

Inverter Engine

Lower consumption and fewer noise thanks to the Inverter compressor. This engine produces less friction and consumes less, lasting longer and more silently.

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