Welcome, steak lovers

Today is a great day for meat lovers. Discover SteakMaster, the latest generation oven in which you can also prepare a grilled steak like you’ve never tasted in your life. Yeah!

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American professional sinks

Inspired by the American farmhouse style

The American Professional combines modern elegant design with the performance and practicality of a professional sink. Its ergonomic design is inspired by the American Farmhouse style, maintaining the width and accessibility of the exposed-front sinks, and made from the highest quality and most robust stainless steel.

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American Retro Fridge

Elegance never falls out of fashion

A timeless fridge combining 1950s aesthetics with today’s technology. A refrigerator boasting the latest cutting-edge technology and one integrating design which allows it to fit perfectly into any space and match any style.

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MaestroPizza Oven

Become a pizza legend

The combination of high temperatures and cooking speed together with the pizza stone, all give the dough a crunchy result and taste to the toppings. You can prepare 10 pizzas in just 30 minutes, always getting the same result: perfect.

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The first sink with self-cleaning system

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Vertical hoods

Silent and efficient

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Now with RiceCooking function

We know cooking needs talent and intuition, but precision is also needed to reach the best results. That is why we use temperature sensors, so you can be sure that the heat is exactly at the point you need it and get the most out of your recipes.

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Brooklyn Series

Authentic industrial style

A series modelled on New York’s iconic architecture, transforming industrial aesthetics into practical and edgy design.

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VarioPro Series

Reinvent your kitchen

Design and power go hand in hand. Now the hood is right where you need it, next to the hob. Minimalism integration, efficient extraction and versatility in its purest form.

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