Become a pizza legend with Neapolitan chef duo Fratelli Figurato


Teka, the leading manufacturer of integral kitchen solutions, is coaching people on how to make legendary pizzas with the help of videos by award-winning Neapolitan chefs the Fratelli Figurato.

The Fratelli Figurato

Teka has for a while now been partnering with the Fratelli Figurato: two brothers from Naples with a strong passion for Italian gastronomy, who quit their degrees in marketing and business in order to follow their dream and bring popular Italian food to Spain. Their recipes go from Neapolitan pizzas to fresh pasta, which they make every single day, and which have influenced many traditional recipes of Italian grandmothers everywhere.
At their two restaurants, Pizzería (2017) and Trattoria Popolare (2019), Riccardo and Vittorio, both dough experts, have been making their pizzas and fresh pasta with the exact same devotion and enthusiasm as the very first day.
The keys to their success are arguably the quality and freshness of the ingredients they use, their gastronomic innovation, their family-oriented vibe and, of course, their dough.


Fratelli Figurato recently received the awards for Best Pizzeria in Spain, the 3rd Best in Europe and Best Pizza in Europe during the 2021 edition of the 50 Top Pizza Europe Awards: the first European guide for pizzas and pizzerias.
The “Diavola de León” by Fratelli Figurato has been crowned the Best Pizza in Europe. A pizza they’ve been making since the very first day and which is a tribute to Spain given that it’s the only pizza on their menu based around a national product, Leon chorizo, which they use alongside ingredients such as tomato sauce, mozzarella, black olives, Parmigiano Reggiano shavings and basil. The result is a pizza with a hint of spice, which blends both Italian and Spanish flavours.
The organisation 50 Top Pizza anonymously visits and tries out thousands of pizzerias around Europe to ultimately rate and select the top 50, taking into consideration ingredients, originality, dough, atmosphere and service among other factors.

Exclusive Pizza Course

Teka and the Fratelli Figurato have joined forces to create something unique and it’s for this reason they are the stars of our first course on our new platform COOKING ACADEMY. Titled How to become a pizza legend, the course features 7 episodes in which the Figurato siblings teach you how to make and stretch the dough in the authentic Neapolitan way as well as how to choose and combine the right ingredients. Throughout the tutorials, the Italian brothers share all the tricks for preparing the perfect Neapolitan pizza as well as other traditional recipes for different tastes and palates.

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