Do’s and don’ts of cooking meat in the oven

22 February, 2021

Cooking in the oven is one of the most healthy and flavorful ways to prepare your recipes, including those ones with meat. But you need to know the do’s and don’ts when you use your appliance for cooking meat.

Deep tray

You can find many trays to use with your oven, with different shapes, materials, and sizes for your recipes. It is important to be sure of the height you need to place the tray in every case. The deep tray will be your best friend if you want to cook meat, but you need to know the right height to control cooking.

Don’t: do not place the deep tray in the highest part of the oven, at the top. You will probably burn the meat outside, and it will remain uncooked inside, without juices.

Do: Place the deep tray in the lowest position in the oven to prepare your meat and distribute heat evenly, and the meat cut will have a crusty outside and a juicy and tasty inside. Also, you will have better control of cooking, to avoid burning your dinner.

Oven safety

The oven needs a high temperature for meat and needs to reach this temperature gradually, to keep during cooking. This means there is a real danger of burning, so you need to be focused on what are you doing and how you manipulate food and trays.

Don’t: do not touch the oven or the trays without protection, you need to use oven gloves. Ovens usually have safety systems as cold door or telescopic guides but, even then, you must protect yourself to prevent any burn.

Do: Even though your oven has a safety system, protect your hands when you need to manipulate the door and the trays. Every time you open the door you lose heat and energy. If you open the door just when you need it, your recipe will have a constant temperature, and you will prevent burns.

Pay attention

How to cook steaks using the oven

Cooking a good meat cut does not take a lot of time. For a tenderloin of 4cm thick, you will need around 3 minutes for a well-done result. And if you choose raw doneness, hardly 2 minutes. So you need to focus on cooking because just 1 minute can ruin your meat. Pay attention to the recipe for the perfect doneness.

Don’t: Be patient and keep an eye on the oven. Never mind if there is a really interesting conversation going on in your kitchen at that precise moment: if you don’t pay attention to the cooking process, you will probably overcook the meat.

Do: Focus on every single step of the recipe. Prepare meat, place the tray in the right position, and look at the meat once inside the oven. If you control cooking, success is almost guaranteed.

Oven cleaning

How to clean the oven after cooking steaks

Cleaning the oven is probably one of the most annoying parts of cooking but it is important. Regular maintenance will keep the oven always ready to cook. It will prolong the life of the appliance as well, and it’s helpful to avoid food cross-contamination and the mix of aromas or flavors.

Cleaning is just another step of cooking, as relevant as salt & pepper, or adding the right spices, so do not forget about it.

Don’t: do not leave grease or food rests in your oven after cooking. It is worse with burnt-on grease, don’t wait several days or remove it can become an extreme sport.

Do: Clean the oven every time you cook. Use the self-cleaning system of the oven to save time and energy. If our oven has pyrolysis, you can also do a deep cleaning to keep it as the first day. A cleaning routine is a good habit to maintain the appliance, and it will help your recipes to keep their original flavor too.

Follow these easy and fast hacks to get the most of your oven when you cook meat. Your recipes will succeed with your friends or family meals, and you can bring them a healthy and tasty dinner every day. Being careful when you cook is another part of the process, and it will make everything easier, with less effort. Let your recipes conquer cooking!

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