Electric Hobs

Which electric hob should I buy?

The most common hobs are the 60 cm wide ones with three to four cooking zones, available for any type of kitchen, small or big, with all kinds of amenities.
However, at Teka, we have different sizes of hobs so they can meet your needs.
If you have a small kitchen, the perfect fit for you would be the 30, 40 or 50 cm hobs with one to two cooking zones. These hobs are not only convenient for small spaces but also to combine them with another hob and customize your hob. And for those who need to cook in large quantities, we offer you 70, 80 and 90 cm hobs with up to 5 cooking zones.


The purchase of a vitroceramic hob is one of the most popular options among our customers for a long time due to its great quality, performance, and efficiency. They are perfect for cooking with all sorts of utensils, from clay to metal.

Placas de Vitrocerámica

30-50 cm

1 – 2 cooking zones

Placas de Vitrocerámica

60 cm

Up to 4 cooking zones

Vitrocerámicas 70-90 cm

70-90 cm

Up to 6 cooking zones


It works via a magnetic field that, when it comes in contact with a metal container, heats it. Thanks to this operation, no residual heat is created, which makes it, in addition to being more efficient, also safer.

Inducción de 30-50 cm

30-50 cm

1 – 2 cooking zones

Inducción de 60 cm

60 cm

Up to 4 cooking zones

Inducción 70-90 cm

70-90 cm

Up to 6 cooking zones


You will be able to customize your hob thanks to our finishings:


Electric hobs are super easy to clean thanks to its smooth surface. Especially, the induction ones since the food will not get burnt on the surface since only the area under the pot will heat up. They are the perfect solution for those with little time or enthusiasm towards daily exhaustive cleaning.

Limpieza placas eléctricas


Seguridad placas eléctricas
auto lock

Auto lock

Our hobs carry a system that will allow you to lock the controls to avoid any kind of accident.

Stop and go

If it were necessary, you can stop cooking and resume it later under the same conditions with which you left it. Press the icon and the hob will take care of it.

Residual heat indicator

It will notify us whether the hob is still hot or not with a letter H icon. Once the hob has already cooled down, the light will turn off.


Flex function

Comfort arrives in your kitchen with the movable cooking zone that cooks for you. Changing the power that you need to prep your meals are as easy as moving the pot and the SlideCooking feature will take care of the rest.

Full Flex

Cook as you want and where you want. At Teka we want you to cook without limits, and for that reason, we have created DirectSense, so you can invite friends and family over. Its optimized design allows you to use the entire cooking area with all pots of all sorts and sizes up to 40cm.

Zona Paellera XL

Paella zone XL

Cooking for the entire family or making that paella that you promised your friends you were going to make one day, is now possible with the 320 mm Paella XL zone.

Sensores de alta temperatura

Temperature sensors

Figuring out which is the perfect temperature to cook your food to obtain a good result can be challenging. With the MasterSense induction, we can have a constant and homogeneous temperature while we cook.

Direct access features
with cooking temperature sensors

Funciones acceso directo

With our direct access features, you will just have to select what you want to cook and the hob will automatically adjust the temperature needed for it. An intuitive and efficient way to cook while achieving excellent results.



Its high temperature is thought for recipes that include red meat or vegetables. Choose who you want to share it with and enjoy!

Pan frying


The perfect way to cook your food most healthily by keeping all its nutrients and taste. Perfect for fish, chicken, eggs and, why not, delicious pancakes!

Deep frying


The optimum program for all kinds of frying. Thanks to its accuracy, it avoids producing toxic substances frequent in high temperature cooking. Cook in a healthy way and enjoy your meal.



It’s capable of boiling 1 liter of water in just 3 minutes. Efficiency and speed in your kitchen and in your dishes.
The fastest and most affordable way to boil a liter of water in just 3 minutes. Save time and cook more efficiently.



Perfect for your slow cooked meals. If you are a stew lover this is the perfect match for you.

Keep warm


Keep your food warm so they don´t cool down before sitting at the table. Nobody likes a cold meal right?



You will be able to melt butter, chocolate or make caramel without fearing to burn any of the ingredients.



Perfect for mild fryings such as poaching potatoes for a Spanish omelet or just sliced potatoes. 

Types of control


MultiSlider hobs allow controlling independently and directly each cooking zone with a very high level of accuracy.


Control your hob with maximum accuracy y access a wide variety of features with the detachable remote.


With the Touch Control system, you will only have to slide your finger to select the temperature and the cooking zone that you need.

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