Which hob should I buy?

When deciding which hob to buy, you should consider the needs of your home or business. Depending on the type of installation, energy efficiency, design, or speed you need, we will help you choose the model that best suits you.

Placas de Vitrocerámica


The purchase of a vitroceramic hob is one of the most popular options among our customers for a long time due to its great quality, performance, and efficiency. They are perfect for cooking with all sorts of utensils, from clay to metal.

Placas de inducción


It works via a magnetic field that, when it comes in contact with a metal container, heats it. Thanks to this operation, no residual heat is created, which makes it, in addition to being more efficient, also safer.

Placas de Gas


If you are a traditional cooking lover, this is the perfect hob for you. You would not have to give up on the most advanced technology, and thanks to the ExactFlame system, you would not have to worry about the flame’s intensity. Moreover, hobs detect when the flame has stopped, closing the conduct automatically to avoid possible accidents.

Placas polivalentes


It is always attached to the oven, and the controls for the hob are incorporate into it, making its function more dynamic.

What criteria should you take
into account for your kitchen?

Are you a lover of traditional cuisine, and do you love spending time cooking? Or do you prefer a more practical and easy option with direct functions that would make you carefree of the kitchen? To make the right decision, consider the following parameters:


Placas eléctricas


They are the most common in homes, both vitroceramic and induction hobs. At first glance, they may look the same, but the technology that makes them work is different.

Placas de Gas


These are the traditional hobs that work with both natural gas and butane gas. It is the preferred option for hospitality businesses.


Cocina blanca

If you are looking for the lowest energy consumption, gas, and induction hobs are your best option. Keep in mind that although the induction hob costs a little more, the savings on your electricity bill will be much greater.





Induction hobs are undoubtedly the fastest when cooking. So that you have a reference, this is how long it takes to heat 2 liters of water on each type of plate:


4 minutes


7 minutes


8 minutes

Olla slide cooking


Limpieza de placas

One of the reasons that make us choose an electric hob is that it is usually easier to clean. However, for those who enjoy traditional cuisine, different fully removable gas hobs allow you to access every corner of it. In addition, Gas on Glass hobs are made of glass, which facilitates their cleaning even more since the food will not stick.


Whether you are looking for the elegance of glass or the durability of stainless steel, there is a wide range of finishes, colors, and shapes that will fit perfectly in your kitchen. In the gas hobs, you will find designs of only stainless steel or the combination of glass and steel, while in the vitroceramic and induction hobs the entire surface is made of glass with the option of steel finishes.

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