Gas Hobs

Which gas hob should I buy?

The most common hobs are the 60 cm wide ones with three to four cooking zones, available for any kind of kitchen.
However, at Teka, we have different hob sizes so they can meet your needs. If you have a small kitchen, the perfect fit for you would be our 30, 40 or 50 cm hobs with 1 or 2 cooking zones. These hobs are not only useful for small kitchens but also very convenient to combine them with other hobs and create your very own cooking space.
And for those who wish to cook in great quantities, we recommend 70, 80 or 90 cm hobs with up to 5 cooking zones.

Placas de Vitrocerámica

30-50 cm

1 – 2 cooking zones

Placas de Vitrocerámica

60 cm

Up to 4 cooking zones

70-90 cm

Up to 6 cooking zones


For those who don’t wish to give up traditional cooking just for the sake of cleaning afterward.
Our hobs are detachable so you can easily access every single corner when cleaning it. Moreover, Gas on glass hobs are made with glass which eases up the cleaning process even more as the remaining food will not get stuck.

Limpieza de placa


Sistema Autolock
auto lock

Auto lock

Our hobs have an incorporated system that allows locking the controls to avoid any kind of accident.

Features and characteristics

Función microondas + grill

Double ring

Greater power and performance thanks to the double burner with up to 4kw.

Menú de acceso directo

Autoignition technology

Lighters have become obsolete. Turn on your hob and choose the desired power. The flame will light up automatically.

Función microondas + grill

Cast steel rack

Thanks to our curved design racks, you will be able to freely move your pots from one place to another.

Función microondas + grill

High-efficiency burners

High-performance SABAF burners are perfect for energy saving as you will consume up to 25% less than conventional ones thanks to its better performance.

Types of control

auto lock

Exact Flame

Trying to figure out the firepower is a thing of the past. Now, you can easily control the flame’s intensity by choosing the power range and it will be ready for whoever type of cooking you are doing.

The Hybrid: Gas & Induction

Why choose when you can have it all?

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Gas on Glass Hobs

Lifelong cooking with the best technology

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