History of Teka sponsorship in sports: other sports

well-wwGrowth, the constant search for excellence, and teamwork are essential values in sports. The same values have been the basics for Teka throughout its 100 years of history. That is why the brand’s sponsorship has also extended to other sports in several countries. A way to support what makes us better in all areas of our lives.

Rally Dakar Chile and Rally Desert Challenge

Teka has been part of the world of rallying, where riders fight in some of the toughest competitions due to the extreme conditions and locations. Additionally to the collaboration with Motocross and Moto2, the brand was a sponsor in 2013 for the Rally Dakar Chile, one of the editions of the world’s famous race held in South America. Teka was part of other competitions, such as the Rally Desert Challenge.

Water sports

In 2010, Teka lent support as a sponsor to the second edition of the Barcelona World Race. It is the only sponsor from the sector represented in this sailing competition, the only one well-known for going around the world without stopping and with just a crew of two members. One of the ships sponsored by Teka won second place in the race.

Teka logo on the sail of a ship in the sea as part of the Barcelona World Race

Teka sponsorship was also behind the Hungarian Imre Pulai, a double-medal athlete and one of the most well-known sprint canoeists of the last few years.

Team Teka

Teka’s logo was part of many other sports categories. It was the official sponsor of the Czech Republic floorball team Tatran Teka Stresovice (floorball is also known as unihockey), with huge national and international success.

Tatran Teka Stresovice Czech team playing floorball with the Teka equipment

Teka’s image was also seen in sports like polo, as part of the Club de Polo San Cristóbal. The polo team from Chile has an extensive track record of victories.

Horses and players playing polo with the Teka sport equipment in Chile

Thanks to sponsorship, Teka found the best way to support the brand values and to be present in the teamwork efforts to achieve higher goals. A philosophy that backed the group from the beginning and finds its mirror in sports.

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