History of Teka sponsorship in sports: handball


Teka’s commitment to sport reaches several disciplines, and it is easy to think about the company logo as part of some of the most glorious moments of Spanish teams. Handball holds a special place in this history because Teka began its journey into sports sponsorship with it in Cantabria, northern Spain, in 1975. The handball team Club Balonmano Cantabria was born that year as Grupo Deportivo Teka Santander handball team with the company’s financial support. Little did they know at the time that a local, second-division team would leave a mark not only on the history of handball but also on the history of Spanish sport.

Grupo Deportivo Teka Santander: 1975—1995

Santander, home of Teka’s first factory in Spain, hosted Grupo Deportivo. Sponsoring a club as a brand was never done before in the country, so both parts started a new common path, sharing their love for sport and fandom. A joint effort and devotion that would overcome the usual barriers found when starting from scratch would rub shoulders with top teams with a higher reputation and budget. José Antonio Revilla created the club, and José Gómez Casuso, Teka’s representative, arranged the team’s sponsorship.

Teka handball team Grupo Deportivo Teka Santander

The company became so involved that soon the team went down in history as “El Teka” (“The Teka”). Together with the human factor, excellent players, unwavering fans, and successful management, the team embarked on a swift career. After several attempts that left them close to reaching the Honour Division in Spanish handball, they finally made it in the 82/83 season. In 1985, “El Teka” played its first European competition, and in the 88/89 season, they won the Spanish Copa del Rey. By the end of the decade, the club had already turned into one of the top handball teams.

Teka Cantabria 1993/94: when we were the best team

The 92/93 season had a few new signings, such as Talant Dujshebaev, Mijail Jakimovic, and Mateo Garralda, key players for the future of the team, together with other players that already created a winning team. The Teka handball team achieved three consecutive top competition victories with the Supercopa de España, the ASOBAL Spanish League, and the IHF Cup (European handball competition). It was the first time a Spanish handball team won a European title. Names like Mats Olsson, Alberto Urdiales, José Javier Hombrados, Julián Ruiz, Rodrigo Reñones, Muñoz Melo, and Javier Cabanas became part of handball history.

Teka handball team plays with Barcelona team

During the 93/94 season, the team won the ASOBAL seasonal league and the European Cup (Champions League), showing an unstoppable improvement since its beginnings. The documentary “Teka Cantabria 93/94. When we were the best team” (FID, 2022), features footage and interviews about how the club made history in Spanish Sports. The film pays tribute to the team’s journey to victory and both trophies. 

Farewell to the best team

In 1995, the brand and the team ended their relationship, only to come back a few years later, in 1999. Eventually, the club disbanded in 2008, concluding a career that brought Spanish handball to the top positions. Their list of victories includes the European Cup, the Club World Championship, two European Cup Winners’ Cups, several ASOBAL League titles, several Copa del Rey trophies, the Spanish Handball Supercup twice, and four ASOBAL cups.

Santander’s Sports Museum in the Palacio de Deportes of the city dedicated one of its modules to the team as a tribute, praising all the people who brought the city to the peak of European competitions through handball.

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