How to choose a washing machine


It is not easy to find the right washers. Every home has 3 or 5 loads of laundry per week, or even more if you have children. How to choose a washing machine? What is the most popular type of washer? Which one is right for you? Let’s find the best choice knowing a bit more about washers and comparing different models:

Top-loading washing machine

The oldest model of washers. The laundry compartment is on the top so you can open it in the middle of the washing program to add more clothes if needed. But usually, this kind of washer has less load than other models and is less efficient. They need more water and the clothes are wetter because the spin has less power.

Top-loading washing machines are also smaller than others, but you can not store anything on the top (shelves, other appliances, or a countertop).

High-efficiency top-loaders

Created as an evolution of the ordinary top-loading washer. They haven’t got the agitator, so the load is larger. But even though we can wash more clothes at once, revolutions per minute are less than in other models during the spin cycle. You will use less water and save energy, but if your clothes are really dirty, the result will not be satisfactory. The washing cycles are longer and maintenance, as well as the cleaning of the filters, is a bit more complicated compared with other options.

Front-load washers

how to choose a washer

The most common washer and leading sellers. These washers are loaded and unloaded from a front door. This is the most efficient model in many ways. Loads are larger and revolutions during the spin cycle are higher, so your clothes will be nearly dry at the end of the washing.

This model also means more washing programs. You can choose how much water you will need for a cycle, so you can save both water and energy, with shorter cycles for smaller loads. Front-load washers usually have better results in energy efficiency, which extends the life of the appliance.

If you are looking for design, you can choose a built-in front-load washer. A washer ready to blend with the furniture of your kitchen.

Washer dryers

Best choice for those who want to optimize time. Washer dryers are an all-in-one kind of appliance. With all the functions of a front-load washer combined with a dryer. Thanks to high-performance and a complete spin cycle your clothes will be completely dry and ready for your closet.

how choose washing machine

Design matters and you can find many integrated washer dryers models to match with your kitchen style with an elegant and uniform look.

Compare washing machines to choose wisely

  • Load capacity: be honest with what you really need. For 3 or 4 people home, a 7 or 8 kg load is enough. You can even find some 9 or 10 kg models.
  • Energy efficiency: an energy-efficient appliance lasts around 10 to 15 years. Choose appliances with an A+++ or A++ energy label, good for the environment and good for your pocket.
  • Washing programs and functions: choose the right cycle for your clothes, in any case, will save you money and, again, is good for the environment.
  • Spin cycle: more revolutions per minute means a better spin cycle and a free of musty odours laundry.
  • Noise: think about the decibels in your kitchen and choose washers with noise reduction (no more than 80dBs during the spin cycle).
  • Delay start: a delayed start will help you to wash at any time, and you can even wash during the night, with saving energy rates.
  • Delicate clothing: be sure your washer includes a delicate cycle for this kind of laundry. A washer with a Woolmark certification is a guarantee to know your most delicate clothes will wash safely.

There is not a better feeling than putting on your favourite clothes with the wonderful smell of clean or sleeping in freshly washed sheets. These tips about washers will help you to find that feeling and the best appliance for your laundry.

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