How to clean the barbecue?


Summertime and good weather mean we cannot wait to use the barbecue and enjoy dinners with friends at home but, right after, we need to clean it for the next time and, if we do not do it some unpleasant flavour remains on it. We tell you how to clean the barbecue to keep it almost like the very first day.

Disassemble the parts of the barbecue

Obviously, this is the first step. Disassemble the BBQ means you can access every part of it and work hard on the dirtiest parts. Also, you can manipulate the barbecue easily to make the work smoother.

If you haven’t got enough time to dethatch it and for deep cleaning, you can clean the grill surface with a metal brush but, keep in mind this is only a temporary solution, and the right thing to do is to clean every time you use it.

The onion trick

Red onion

Cleaning the barbecue mainly consists in removing the food that gets stuck on the grill. It is helpful to use onion for this purpose. You need to cut an onion in half and poke it with a fork.

Then, rub it all over the surface, and it’s done. This trick is quite useful both before and after cooking. The onion trick will avoid the juices from meat and fish remain on the grill and, if you have already cooked the food, this will help to clean it easily.

Natural degreaser

The best way to remove grease and soot without leaving chemicals that can change the taste of meat or fish is a natural degreaser. Industrial degreasers clean your kitchen without leaving any trace that can affect flavours but, if you do not rinse the grill right, it can happen.

A good degreaser can be a paste made of the juice of one lemon 200 gr of baking soda. Then, apply the paste on the grill and leave for 10 minutes. After that, remove with a wet cloth and rinse.

If you haven’t used the BBQ for a long time, this is a helpful solution, for instance, to cook the first meal or dinner in Summertime.

Remove the ashes

That is the final step because you need to be sure the ashes are completely cold. Otherwise, we can burn our hands, the bag or the recipient where we are placing them.

Barbecue ashes

After removing the ashes, there might be some parts sticking to the bottom. The best way to get rid of them is to rub them with a metal brush, but as it occurs with burnt pans, you can also use water and soap to keep the surface in the best conditions.

Hot water

You can put the grills and other parts into hot water, but they are usually quite big and heavy, so maybe it is not the best solution to clean the barbecue, compared with the ones above.

If you are thinking about buying a barbecue and cleaning is one of the cons you don’t like, or if you haven’t got room enough to place it, there are other choices available. You can have barbecue results and make the most of your time in the kitchen with ovens that can cook with that remarkable flavour and with self-cleaning too. And well, forget about cooking at 40 °C under the sun while the rest of the people enjoy some snacks and drinks.

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