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How to get rid of refrigerator odours

Most of the times odours of the refrigerator come from rotten food. Therefore, the first thing to do to get rid of refrigerator odours is to check everything you have inside and remove any expired or spoiled food. There are many technology options now to keep your appliance free of bacteria and bad smells. But, if your fridge has odours, find below some tips to fight them:

Deep cleaning

Fridge cleaning

If you have checked every piece of food is fine but the odour is still there, it is time to clean your fridge thoroughly.

Empty the appliance completely and use the right cleaning products in every single corner of it. The bad smell can come from bacteria on any part of the fridge.

Odour absorbers

If the refrigerator is not working properly, humidity can increase and so it happens with mould and bacteria. Absorbing discs with activated charcoal eliminate the excess humidity, oxidation, and odours from expired food.

Lemon here, there and everywhere

Lemon eliminates odours

You have probably seen many refrigerators with half lemon inside. Well, this may be not the most elegant solution, but it works. Lemon is quite useful to remove odours from the refrigerator.

If you don’t want to have half lemon, you can use any kind of container with lemon juice inside, and it will work too.


Do you like the smell of coffee in the mornings?


Keeping coffee in the fridge is as well a good solution. Coffee can absorb smells, and it is good to scent, so it will help to get rid of odours. Eventually, though, your refrigerator will smell like coffee all the time, so use this trick only if you really love the smell of coffee.

Baking soda always

Baking soda removes odours and stains

Bicarbonate contributes to eliminating bad smells too and, like coffee, you can choose to put some in a food container or similar or just store the open package inside the fridge. In just a couple of days, the odours will be gone.


If you have cooked a BBQ, it’s your lucky day


It is not common to have charcoal at home, that’s why this is not a common solution. But If you are a BBQ fan, perhaps you have some and can use it. Just put some right inside the refrigerator and, as it happens with baking soda, let it lay there for a couple of days, and you can see the bad smells will fly away.


Be careful with vinegar

Vinegar cleaning

If you put some vinegar in a container, it is more than possible that you eliminate the odour but, before that happens, most of your food will taste like vinegar too.

You can soak breadcrumb in vinegar. In this way, the vinegar will be released gradually, and you can get rid of odours keeping your food safe and tasty.


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