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My washer does not spin, why?

One of the appliances that have improved our quality of life significantly is the washing machine. Both for those homes with a large family or those with singles. The washers, however, need regular maintenance and can have some technical problems. A common one is that the washers do not spin, which happens with dryers and washer dryers too.

Usually, you need to phone the technical service. But there are a few things you can try first to prevent this issue.

Why the washer does not spin

There are several reasons why the washing machine does not spin, from a household electrical problem to the water pump. The type of solutions has different levels of complexity too.

The first thing to do is check all the cables. Look if they are all connected properly and none of them is broken, or if there is any kind of short circuit. Sometimes, the problem comes from the timer, so be sure the issue is not there.

Washing machine programs

The water pump is essential for the performance of the washing machine. It makes the water work inside the drum and removes it later. If this piece fails, the best thing is to call out an engineer to fix it.

The starter capacitor controls the right speed for the washing machine when spinning. To test the capacitor and see if that’s the problem, run a cycle without clothes. If the washer does not spin properly, the capacitor may be broken, or the load is too much for it.

Another part of the washing machine that may cause issues is the outlet pipe. If it is blocked or fold there can be problems with the washing or rinse cycles and the final spin; therefore, check the pipe to confirm everything is right.

What to do to fix these problems

Top load washing machine

A washing machine is one of the most reliable appliances. And it is worth trying to repair and test why it is not working.

Most of the time, it will be due to one of the causes we wrote about above and, many others, you do not need to call an engineer, we can fix the problems by ourselves.


If there is any problem with cables we will need to connect those cords that are disconnected or even replace the bad ones. This task is usually simple if the access to the cords is easy, but sometimes it is not to access that precise cord or perhaps you need to move some other parts of the washer to get to it.

Outlet pipe

This is a very easy task too. Just check the hose and make sure it is not bent. Check also if there is any blockage in the drain hose by removing it, and see if it drains correctly.

Water pump or timer

Delicate clothes washing cycle

If the issue is in the water pump or caused by a faulty timer you will need to assess calling out an engineer to fix the washing machine or you would rather buy a new one.

Starter capacitor

If you want to check the starter capacitor and see if that is the problem, you need to check first if there is one, actually. Modern washers models have not got a capacitor, and the motor makes this work.

If you think the washing machine is not spinning due to your capacitor model, you can replace it with your hands. But it is even better if an engineer takes care of that: she or he will change it, but they also will bring you the spare you need.

What can I do to avoid spinning issues?

Sometimes the washer doesn’t spin for loading problems. We overload it, and the motor cannot reach the cycle. Distribute the load again is one of the things we can do to avoid spinning issues. We need to be very careful when washing large pieces of clothing like sheets or a duvet.

Knowing the load capacity of the washing machine and the different types of washing programs will help us avoid future problems. Read the appliance instructions carefully and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to be sure your washer will work perfectly for a long time.

It is good to check clothes looking for objects that may block the outlet pipe. Empty pockets and, if you can, turn the clothes inside-out to remove anything or dirt that can obstruct the hose.

From time to time, you may want to test the water pump filter. It can contain dirt, making the pump work more and shortening the life of the washing machine.

All our appliances need regular cleaning and maintenance to last longer. If you clean the bottom of your oven or hood thoroughly, and if you also check the dishwasher filter, you need to do the same with the washer.

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