Why using teppanyaki at home is a good idea

The teppanyaki is one of the main tools in many kitchens. This Japanese griddle has travelled beyond the Asian country borders thanks to its effectiveness as a cooking technique. It is a versatile element that keeps the food flavour and helps to maintain a healthier diet. The only thing left is to use this tool in our everyday cooking and going a bit further to know more about its world of possibilities.

Why is teppanyaki massively popular?

Teka teppanyaki
The use of the griddle is not a secret, but the Japanese cookers make art out of it. A chef who can master the secrets of teppanyaki is hard to find, even though this technique is appropriate for simple, easy dishes. But teppanyaki can also mean to cook complex recipes in a quest for the balance of flavours. Teppanyaki was born in the middle of the XX century and became exceptionally popular among soldiers of the II World War.

Differences between hibachi and teppanyaki

Both cooking techniques are reasonably popular around the world, but they are not the same, although they share some common elements, as it can also happen with teriyakiHibachi normally needs coal, but many modern restaurants use electricity too as a source of power to reach very high temperatures. The surface to cook the food is ordinarily a grill. But when we talk about teppanyaki, we point to a concept closer to the griddle, where you can cook over a flat surface at a very elevated temperature.

Teppanyaki chicken

In both methods, the guests can be close to the chef. Therefore, the show is guaranteed thanks to the chef’s skills.

Pros of having a teppanyaki

Teppanyaki has many advantages, enough to become another useful tool in the kitchen. Buying one for your home means, basically:

  • Access to a healthy diet. Food is prepared without oil or with just a few drops, but they are well-done. There are many, many teppanyaki recipes. You can use ingredients that are not usually part of your menu, like seafood or some fish, as well as vegetables. It will be like discover again flavours you have already known, improving your health and diet too, no matter if it is a low-calorie diet or not.
    The teppanyaki is perfect to experiment with new recipes and make them better by creating your own sauces. It is a source of inspiration that will never let you down.

Cooking on a griddle

  • Taste. How the food taste with teppanyaki is a subject to discuss. It gives a delicate but tasty flavour and texture to every piece of food. However, it is a clever idea to allow the food to be at room temperature when you are about to cook to minimize the thermal shock —this will help you to regulate smoke.

Cooking pastry teppanyaki

  • Discover a new and easy cooking method. The teppanyaki is simple but not less nutritious for that or tasteless. The teppanyaki keeps a constant temperature, though features may change from one model to another, and you can even choose in which part of the surface you want to cook if you do not want to use the whole griddle.

Teppanyaki hob
How to clean it and use it

It is easy to use teppanyaki, though it may depend on the model you choose. You can easily make the most of your teppanyaki and the experience with practising. Each piece of food will need a different cooking temperature, consequently do not begin turning your teppanyaki on at maximum temperature and use this heat to prepare everything. Check the precise temperature for the food with every recipe you cook.

You will also generate less smoke. Many teppanyakis additionally include sensors to let you know when they have reached the exact temperature, and they can maintain it. When the food is practically done, you can turn it off and use the residual heat.


Cleaning a teppanyaki griddle is another advantage. It is usually a stainless steel surface, so you should not scratch it. After use, you can begin cleaning it when it is still hot, around 50 °C, handle it carefully or you can get burned. Remove the bigger pieces of food attached to the teppanyaki. Try not using sharp objects or those, remember, that can scratch the surface.

Cleaning a griddle

Use a cloth with water and some soap to wet the teppanyaki a bit, to make the stuck food can be easily eliminated, even with just another clean cloth. The most modern teppanyakis include a cleaning kit to save time and make it easier.

Teppanyaki means a healthy, easy choice, ready for your everyday dishes. It is not difficult to install and as a cooking method is fast and can come in handy because you can clean the griddle effortless too —compared with other cooking methods and pans, which take more time and are more difficult to clean after use. If you are already in love with Japanese cuisine, we have nothing else to say. If this is your first contact with teppanyaki though, give it a chance, cause it may be an option not only for your special occasion’s meals but also for your daily recipes.


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